What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


They added a new Moto x4 Android One phone (Sterling Blue) now it has 4GB Ram and 64Gb storage. Finally something that I consider as an upgrade for my ancient Nexus 5x, anyone have a Moto x4?



Couple of reviews say that camera is average… any idea what that means in the real world? I’m in the same boat as you but would rather avoid a mediocre camera. If I could tell the difference :)

$249 incidentally.


$249 is for the older 3GB/32GB model. They just added the new one (its Sterling Blue), you see it at check out.

The review here seemed to like it, but also mentioned the camera issues.


God dammit. I bought an x4 when my Nexus 5x went to bootloop hell last month. It’s… fine. The battery life is a marked improvement (though that could be a function of how swamped I’ve been at work lately). Everything loads quick enough that I’ve got no complaints.

Going to contact Fi support tonight and see if I can do an upgrade for the $50 difference.


How’s the camera :)


What he asked! :D

My Nexus 5x needs to be charged three times a day now, if I use it for anything more than a few phone calls. Heh.


I’m the last person to ask about that, unfortunately. Not a big camera user. Here’s the one picture I’ve taken since I got the x4.



I can confirm the camera took a picture of a dog.

I think I am gonna bite this weekend. Ugh… that means a new case and screen protector too.


Another pic from the X4. I’m happy with it. If I don’t use it much the battery easily lasts 2 days, but I usually charge it every night anyway.

The screen protectors are a pain because of the curved screen. Mine stayed on for 4 months before coming unglued. My wife’s lasted 2-3 months. I decided just not to use one, although I do have it in a case.


Hmm. Thanks. I’m thinking I should see what the Pixel 3 is like too.


I am sure its gonna be more than $299. ;)




So, cool. Talked to support and while I was just outside the return period (less than a week) they’re giving me a “one-time exception” to let me return my X4 and buy the new one. Hopefully will be here on Monday and I can transfer everything over and return the current phone.


I went to Canada the other day and I was surprised to learn they capped my bill at 6 GB of use. “The rest was on them”. Pleasant surprise.


I went to Japan for 10 days, using my phone heavily, and I think the excess charge on my bill was like $20. There was a little welcome message explaining what the charges would be in advance, too.


Not just in Canada. That’s how Project Fi works at home, too.


That is good service, nice!


Another review of the X4, its dumb they didn’t offer the 4GB/64GB version earlier than this, as it has been an option elsewhere since release.


The $300 off for the LG ThinQ phones (V35 and G7) is a tempting deal too. Unfortunately, their prices start so high, even with $300 off, it’s still really high ($600 and $450 respectively).

Project Fi also has those in buy two, get the value of the lesser one in Fi credit. So I suppose that’s an even bigger discount eventually. You spend $1800 now on two V35 ThinQs , and you get $900 in credit spread out over your monthly bill. Let’s see, my bill usually $44 these days, and the credit does not apply to taxes and fees, so let’s say $40 off a month. At that rate, I’ll get my $900 discount in 23 months. I’m not sure the V35 will last that long.


Unfortunately it’s not quite that straightforward as I found out when I did the 2-for-1 deal on the Moto X4 earlier this year. If you have two lines on an account, for whatever reason they only apply the credit to one of the lines. The bill for my wife and I is also around $45 month, but they only apply the $250 (or whatever it was) in credit to my line. It will still get used up, but it takes twice as long as I initially expected it to.