What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


Yeah I saw those discounts also, I just can’t justify spending more than $250 for a phone, (the price of the X4 upgraded model with my Nexus 5x trade in applied).

I mean what are the actual costs of these phones if they can just toss on $300 discounts.


It doesn’t matter what the actual costs are. They need to get rid of their LG inventory because the V40 is about to launch.


I just switched to Project Fi and ordered the Pixel 2 XL phone. Got the phone and the activation went smoothly and was up and running in no time. I then put a screen protector and case on the phone. The phone and service was great and then after one day the phone’s screen cracked. I didn’t drop or bang it against anything. Now Google is making me join their device protection plan for $5 extra a month and may charge me $99 for a replacement phone that I used for one day. If I had dropped the phone or hit it I wouldn’t be complaining about about doing the things they are making me do. To me my screen cracking is clearly a manufacturers defect and Google should replace it free of charge. I’m not a happy camper at this moment and I will likely leave Project Fi once I get my money’s worth out of the phone.


I would definitely try to escalate (or try again). Personally, I have found their customer service to be very good.



Significant discount if you’re considering a group plan.


Reminds me that I need to follow up on something I said earlier.

When I posted this, it was true. About a week later I got an email from Project Fi saying they now allowed you to either keep things as I said or share the credit with the group.


What, if anything, do you guys do about telemarketing calls on your project fi service? Apparently there isn’t a built in way to reject anonymous calls. I’ve seen that people use a work around of creating a contact called Unknown and sending it to voicemail.

I’ve started getting several unknown calls a day and it’s getting annoying.


There are a number of apps to handle this. Basically when you get a call they validate the phone number against a DB of bad numbers, checks if it’s a “neighbor scam” (your number is 212-501-9901, so it scams 212-501-8404), and then checks if the number is in your contacts before it lets it through. If it thinks it’s spam, it can either label it as such on your incoming call screen or block the call entirely.

Long story short, Nomorobo is the best but they charge and Hiya works just OK (about 80% accuracy, in my experience) but is free. Since Hiya checks against your contacts it is unlikely to have false positives, I’ve never missed a call I wanted.


Google Fi actually has this built in, if I understand you right.

Periodically, you’ll get a silent call from “suspected spam” callers, which apparently are from numbers previously reported by other users.

You can long-touch on a recent call that was spam, and report it as spam and block it moving foward.


Thanks for the suggested apps @stusser.
People don’t seem to like the Nomorobo app which is surprising since it got praise for its landline protection.

@Timex, it’s true that we can block calls and I think it does a decent job preventing telemarketing calls. But, it doesn’t let me block calls that are Unknown. I’m not sure how the apps handle calls from Unknown.


Yeah, looks like Nomorobo has some problems on Android right now. It is the best on iOS. Give Hiya a shot, it’s free.


This is a cool feature. Too bad I have to wait for my Moto X to get to upgraded to Pie to use it.

More security is always nice, but I particularly like this bit:

I get that all the time.


Good news if true. Fi is a much harder sell when you add “…and you can only use this limited selection of phones that you probably don’t own.”


I’ve been a mostly happy Fi user for a couple years now. Definitely recommend it unless you are incapable of functioning without absurd amounts of mobile data.


Yep its been great for me too. I barely use 100MB a month with the plan. I connect to wifi asap. :)


Wonderful news. This means I’ll finally be able to bring my daughter into a family plan. Fi has been a superb experience for the past couple of years. Zero complaints.


If anyone is jumping on the Fi wagon with these new phones and wants some extra credit, ask me or any of the other existing users for a referral code. Both parties get $20 credit. Every few months they send me a reminder to tell all my friends.


Yep, that’s a great point. I’ve signed up a couple of people to Project Fi, and since both parties get $20 credit, there’s no reason not to do it the referral way. Win win for both parties.


If they open up to iPhones, I’ll definitely sign up, so send me a code pls!


So you guys know, I send out the best Project Fi friend referral codes. :p