What's the verdict so far on Project Fi?


It’s not, though. Switching carriers is the main reason why Fi is cool.


Yup, this. So people without fi phones can now switch to fi, but they lose the best part of the service? Um, yay?


The price seems like the best part to me. A max of $80/month is lower than I pay for AT&T now, and it’d probably be way lower most months.


Right, the promise of Fi is you can take two crappy carriers and between them, they add up to one good one.

If it’s price you care about, there are much cheaper mobile providers in the US. Republic Wireless is $15/month for talk/SMS and $5/GB for data. Cricket Wireless is $35 for talk/SMS and 5GB data, or $50/month with unlimited data. Fi can only compete if you use very little data.


I had Republic Wireless until we started our extended stay in Europe. Most months I didn’t even turn data on so I paid $15 a month. If we took a trip or something I’d turn data on.

Republic Wireless doesn’t work in Europe so I switched to Project Fi. What I should have done is just buy a sim card here because a 100 GB data plan is only $20, but that;s OK.

I do like having data available and most months I don’t use much. My wife also got a Project Fi phone so between us Project Fi may be a better deal since the 2nd line gets discounted.

Our combined data usage has been .888 GB, .621, .414, .864. I’m sure we will use even less back in the US.


Fi group plans only save $5 per additional member. So $20 for calls/SMS on your first phone and $15 on each additional phone. That’s the same price as Republic, and Fi charges $10/GB of data while Republic charges $5. There’s no way Fi can compete on price unless you use very little data.

Of course if your phone works with Fi and can switch between networks, you’ll get much better service than the Sprint-only that Republic offers. And Fi offers all sorts of other benefits like the built-in VPN and better customer service. But it doesn’t compete on price.


I was reading back through the last few weeks of Penny Arcade strips and noted that Jerry Holkins, a longtime iDevice user, recently switched to Android with the Pixel 3. It’s odd the perception that Apple fans have

My goodness. I checked out of PA years ago when it went from funny observations about the internet and us nerds to Jerry deciding he was a Pundit now and had Serious Problems with the Gaming Industry.

Boy do I ever feel vindicated in that choice. Are they even trying any more? That strip was… Something.


Does Republic support bringing your own device? IIRC that was the deal breaker with me when I was shopping for carriers some years back.


Yes they do, but it needs to be on their list of supported devices.


Not really. Every few months I remember about them and check out a few back strips and decide it’s not worth much going back too far. Webcomics in general have kind of declined in quality over the last 3-4 years.


Argh. So today they’ve got a deal where you get a travel gift card for the price of the phone you purchase. Battery life, the charging connector, and the power button are all waning on my Pixel 1, so I decided to take the jump to Pixel 3. I purchased one from the Google Store, then realized that I didn’t want Google Store financing; I wanted Google Fi financing through my phone bill. So I cancelled the Google Store order and in between selecting my phone and reviewing my order on the Fi site, the phone model I’m interested in (128GB non-XL) sold out. Guess I’m sticking with the Pixel 1 for a bit longer.


Also, I just got an email that the service is being rebranded to Google Fi. I’m guessing that means they’re going to put more resources into it? Comes at a good time since they finally have a bona fide iPhone/Galaxy-competitive flagship that I’d personally (obviously) take over either and a by-all-accounts great midrange in the Moto X4.


It’s pretty close though price wise for the amount of data we use. In my scenario, if my wife and I both want data available, but don’t use much we pay:
Republic: $15 + $15 + $5 +$5 = 40.
Fi: $20 + $15 +$5 (for .5 Gig) = $40

I like Fi better than Republic. It’s possible we will switch to Republic though because my guess is that on average it will be a little cheaper, but it’s close.


Yes, like I said, unless you use very little data.


I wasn’t trying to come across as arguing with you, just illustrating my scenario. So sorry if it seemed that way.


I didn’t take it as an argument, no worries!


Any new Pixel 3 owners getting the $7 month warranty addition?

The glass back on the phone worries me a bit now that I think about it.


Oh, heavens no. Remember you still have to pay $150 or something to actually use the warranty. It’s a total scam.


Wait, you pay $7 monthly to then pay more later? I didn’t read the fine print.


Yes, to actually get a replacement phone you have to pay another lump sum.