What's up with Salon.com?

The site is very odd at the moment - nothing other than the topics is shown until you log in. There’s no day pass option that I see. I’m not a subscriber, so I’m not sure if the site is totally down, but it’s been like this since at least yesterday…

Perhaps you’re filtering out the ads? I know I can’t see the daypass link in Firefox now that I run AdBlock.

It’s rendering fine in IE for me today.

Side note: I liked Salon better before Bush got elected, now they’re egregiously screechy. Maybe I’m just not quite as liberal as I was in high school?


Seriously though, I used to love Salon.com before Bush was elected because I thought they provided an extremely independent and non-partisan view of a lot of different issues. Now they’re just another turd in the giant liberal kitty litter box.

Exactly! They used to run point-counterpoint articles from both sides of the fence. I always told myself I was getting more balanced news coverage from such a group who obviously had no political agenda :?