What's up with the time settings? [Problem for mod's attention maybe]

No matter what time I set my timezone to, the board always shows all times in [GMT - (my setting - 1)].

Before, I had it at the default I guess, which was GMT - 8, and all times displayed as GMT - 7.

I set it to GMT - 4, which is my timezone, and now the board shows GMT - 3.

Is it like a joke or something, or is it some sort of error?

PS Yes I know I can just fix it by setting my time to GMT - 5 but I’m curious.

Maybe something to do with DST.

Yeah, probably. The time settings work fine for me. Check your profile for DST.

DST is set to auto-detect, maybe once the clocks are changed the time will be correct?

(Do you change the clocks on a different day in US than in Canada?)