What's with gametab?

Gametab. I like it because it saves my platforms (PC+Wii) on a cookie so I get filtered news. I liked it cause I could go occasionally and see if there’s anything interesting I should pick up.

However, I get a sense it’s sucking recently.

Latest releases shows about 20 games from 7/10 through 5/29. Out of those it only shows Outpost (80% from 1Up) and Harry Potter for the Wii (two reviews only…)

Apparently it was acquired by Ziff-davis in 2006. I am guessing they are excluding competitors’ reviews from being shown.

Interesting. This page: http://www.metacritic.net/games/pc/ will show recent PC releases that are interesting. At least outpost shows 16 reviews which is much more representative.

What’s with all the two-syllable names starting with “Game?” At some point, ease of recall and pithiness have to give way to massive confusion. Here are a few off the top of my head: Gametab, Gametap, Gamespot, Gamestop, Gamespy, Gamefly…sheesh

These are the really obnoxious ones. I’m not at any risk of confusing the actual services since they’re two obviously different things, but I do tend to say one when I mean the other.