What's wrong with internet cat people?

I have this stereotype of internet cat people types as the sort that would have something like this as their desktop wallpaper:

The incongruity of it all is what gives me trouble. See, I like cats. One of the cool things about cats is how smart they are. Yet the internet is polluted with all these cutesy cat pictures with captions of the cat sounding like a halfwit. Like the picture above.

Unless it’s some kind of postmodern pastishe-laden ironical type thing where the caption is really a jab at the intelligence of the catlovers which is, you know, lolerific since then they pass them around on the forums at catnipconnection.com or whatever.

Comedy Hall of Shame:

  1. Bluecollar Comedy Tour
  2. Pauly Shore
  3. Kathy Griffin
  4. I’m in UR _____ _____ing Ur ________
  5. Chuck Norris Jokes
  6. Cat pictures with cutesy captions

Are you the new Koontz ?

( Seriously, the only reason they make the cat ‘talk’ like a four year old is to make it look cuter. “I made you a cookie but I ate it” isn’t as cute as what’s there…)

And please dig up my “ranking comedy” thread, it was a helluva lot better than your list.

Mainly because you forgot Carrot Top. That hulking freak of prop comedy, the lowest form of comedy.

4chan. caturday. n00bz.

I’ve seen several references to 4chan. But I’m scared to go looking to find out for myself. What is it?

It’s like wannabe 2chan.

just double?

You’ve probably seen goatse.cx and stile, you can handle 4chan.

Cats aren’t particularly smart, btw. And I like cats.

Actually, despite frequent internet activity since the early 90’s, I’ve managed to avoid ever seeing the goatse picture.

When I was a kid, I had a couple of pet finches. We kept them in a birdcage that hung by a chain from the ceiling. The cage was a good 6 feet from the ground at at least 4 feet from the closest wall. One morning, I woke up to discover the cage empty with two finch heads left as presents in my slippers. Somehow my cat had figured out a way to teleport inside the cage, catch the birds, and teleport out. Tell me THAT’S not smart!

It wasn’t the cat that left you the bird heads, it was your dad trying to make a man out of you. No doubt he has kept silent figuring you would one day figure this out for yourself.

I think he covered that when he got me out of bed in the middle of the night to come look at the two dead kids in a smashed up transam that had smashed into a tree at 80 mph across the street. I thought he needed my help saving a life or something, since the crash had woken me up. Nope. He just pointed at the brain matter hanging out of what was once a cranium and said “this is why you won’t ever drink and drive when you’re older.”

Did you?

If not, would you have if you hadn’t seen that?


I don’t know

I hate cat pictures

It’s a cute kitty pic. WTF is with you people and the anti-cat hate? It’s not trying to win the Pulitzer Prize for sublime comedy, it’s a cute kitty pic.

They’re just jealous because they don’t have their own cute kitties to blather about on teh internet.

4chan is just the American version of 2chan. While /b/, /h/ and /d/ are some areas that could be found disturbing, the front page and most of the boards are rather harmless.

A weasel could have done it…so could a monkey. But I suspect that cat FAIRIES did that, which doesn’t really count. Everyone knows that the special fairies of any species can pull off feats that you can’t exactly attribute to the common species.

That is a horrible thing to say since people will take it as a dare to try to slip it to you somehow now. (such as Not One of Us)