What's wrong with my hand?

Every morning when I wake up, and when the weather is cold, my pinky finger and the finger right next to my pinky finger that I can’t remember the name of, curl up into a claw that hurts to bend back into shape. Has been like this for nearly a year. Early sign of arthritis? Some weird form of RSI? Please help if you can. It’s my right hand and I use it for my living/creative work, which sucks.


I took one of these about an hour ago and the explanation is…it is indeed my hand.

No idea what it is but best to see a doctor perhaps? Especially if it has been going on so long.

I thought of that, but these days I’m pretty infrequent. Thanks anyway.

I think the main problem with your hand is that it keeps making posts on QT3. Let’s work together to find a cure.

(In all seriousness, however, it does sound pretty much exactly like arthritis. You need to get that bad boy checked out ASAP. Left untreated, it’s progressive and degenerative.)

Sounds like a problem with the ulnar nerve - it innervates the medial half of one of the muscles responsible for finger flexion. Responsible for the fourth and fifth finger of the hand leading to “claw hand” deformities. Comes of C8 - T1 at the spine. Could be a problem with your extensors but it’s one muscle that does most of that so it’s unlikely only two fingers would show problems. Do you have any problems spreading your fingers in the mornings and at other times (deep brach of ulnar is sole control of interossi which spread the fingers) or have you noticed altered/absent sensation on the pad at the tip of your little finger?


Edit - as above, get it checked out rather than leaving the problem unchecked until treatment’s too late.

Trigger finger syndrome?

Yeah, this sounds a bit like it. It feels like a muscle thing, because it sort of snaps in place like it’s elastic, and then the joiint locks, but I think I can also feel a grinding in there like the gristle is being worn away. When it’s in claw form I think the sensation in the pinky changes, but it feels pretty normal when it’s behaving itself - maybe.

Thanks much people, I’ll go get it checked out.

Oh, I know what that is. My father had it.


Care to elaborate?

ha – you sound like you know a lot. Hell, you could be pulling that from some Google you did, but at least you’re looking in the right place.

I get a periodic sharp shooting pain in my left index finger. I believe it’s a circulatory problem, but it could be nerve-related. My doctor is baffled. The pain, on a scale of 1-10, is about an 8, and deteriorates until manageable. It’s really bad to start, I believe, because it comes at a complete surprise. 99% of the time, there’s no problem whatsoever, and the finger goes about acting like every other finger on my hand, completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

I’ve had this problem for a few years now, but it’s not consistent with any environmental patterns that I can self diagnose (stress level, weather, eating habits, etc.)

Any thoughts?

You’ve got fingerfuckedupinitis. The only cure is to saw that motherfucker off, double quick, before it spreads to your genitals. I’m sorry to be the one who has to tell you.

Do you think I got it after spending so much time with you the other weekend? I really can’t get that smell out, either.


You went a year with that happening and didn’t ask a doctor about it and you supposedly rely on your hands to make your living? Now you’re asking on a gaming message board?

Have them check you for a brain while they look at that hand.

Sorry to be harsh, but that’s the kind of thing they have DOCTORS around for, you know?

That may be a pinched nerve, or a cramping muscle, or a nerve pinched by a cramping muscle. Standard advice: get some exercise, both to strengthen the hand and to avoid repetitive stress. Do some strength training for the various muscles in your wrists and hands. Squeeze some squeezable stuff, extend the fingers against rubber bands, what have you. See if that helps.

I guess drilling a hole in your hand didn’t go so well, eh?

It’s an annoyance more than a crippling disability - it goes away when I stretch it for a few seconds and I only use three fingers to hold a pencil/pen/brush anyways. Plus it hasn’t degenerated at all since I first got it. I’m only just starting to worry that it might do that. But yes, you are right and I should have already gone to see a doctor. Finally, being right doesn’t excuse you from being a rude jerk.

Could be tendonitis.

Have you touched a prototype PS3 in the past year with that hand?