What's wrong with my speakers?

I have a crappy Creative Labs surround sound speaker set. That’s kind of a problem already, but I have a bigger problem now. It sounds like I’m in an Echo Chamber. Everything is normal except that all sounds have an Echo to them. For some things it seems worse than others (terrible when opening folders in Windows, bad with some games, not too bad with movies).

I’ve looked at the Audio settings and nothing seems to apply. I haven’t looked at the connections but it doesn’t make sense for this effect to be the result of something plugged in wrong or unplugged.

What are you running for an audio card? Chances are good that some settings have been changed in the card’s setup menus. I’ve got an Audigy 2 ZS, for instance, and I can turn on and off effects like this in the EAX Console. If you’ve got a Creative card to go with the Creative speakers, you can probably find the same console on your machine.

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