What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?

I’m generally partial to the merrier letters like “S”, “Q”, and “W”. But here is why “N” is my favorite letter of the alphabet:


I’m feeling kind of blue since Tom took my answer and reason already, so I guess I’ll go with Z, as in Zahlen.

Then again, i is pretty freakin’ sweet.

And since you didn’t specify which alphabet, I guess I’ll have to go with .

Or ω! Yes, that is my final, ordinal answer.


and great for scrabble if you know qat is a real word.

‘U’, because I can stick them all over the place like in ‘favourite’.



I also love D.

I like the hard consonants, they make it really easy to understand for the person you are yelling at that you are, indeed, pissed off.

I bet you pronounce “aluminum” wrong. Just to piss people off.


ѣ lets you show the world that you hate Commies.

I hate U. The letter, that is. It seems like I’m always getting stuck with a rack full of 'em in Scrabble, without a Q in sight, so I wind up having to cast about for double-U words like vacuum, continuum, or muumuu. You can often squeeze in a uvula, guyute, or usual if you’re lucky on the draw, but generally ain’t worth squat for points.

My favorite letter? S. Can slap it on the end of damned near anything for big points.

Scrabble nerd! Go post in the Hurt Locker thread.

Are you hinting at something?

I like “T” because it is the first letter of my name. Is that some imaginative shit or what?

Umm, no.

I like words that start with F and D because you can really stress the word to get your point across.

As in “fuck” and “damn”. Chill.

I was just poking at the fact that you said F, then said you like “D” and said you like “hard” consonants. I know, weak, blue humor, but that’s all I have anymore. :) The “Humor” part being debatable.

“T” was just my white flag saying, I have nothing to add and really should have just stayed out of the thread.


Estset’s ftw.

Edit: I also found Tyjenks joke hilarious, but I am also juvenile at heart.

Pishaw. “Qat” is a word the same way “Za” is a word: as a bullshit scrabble dictionary blue ball relief valve.

Me, I like the letter Y.

'Cause Y does what it wants, when it wants. It’s a consonant, but hey, sometimes it’s a vowel. Nobody puts Y in a corner.


Because it’s awesome, and because of tungsten which is also awesome.

I love æ because it confuses the English speaking and I’m quite the prankster, but since this has already been mentioned, I’ll go with ð (which is actually used when transcribing Old English - it’s a merry little consonant sound ‘schwa’).

I like ‘x’ because it isn’t pretentious at all. It’s just there. Although it serves a ton of functions depending on how it is used (in math, or to mark a spot, or to simply win a game of tic-tac-toe etc etc etc) it does its duty and doesn’t complain.

An added bonus with ‘x’ is that it can do all these things without being some screwed up looking ancient, foreign or nonsense letter nobody ever actually uses except to look cute in surveys.

R. It’s so manly.

R or E, because they’re so versatile. See? ;)