What's your favorite website?

If there’s anything I really look forward to in the morning, it’s that first sip of coffee along with checking out the latest posts on QT3, my webcomics, and various gaming sites.

But out of all the places I like to visit, the one that really holds that special place in my heart (Sorry, Tom!) is BoardGameGeek.

Quite simply, this is just the most awesome website out there. Forums, reviews, session reports, geeklists (from the incredibly useful to just downright fun and silly) - this place has anything and everything you could ever wish for when it comes to board games. Every single time I go there I find something new and different. I absolutely love it.

So how about the rest of you? What’s your favorite website to visit?

I once asked a similar questions when I first joined the boards. And someone recommended the site. If you like following the industry and are a gamer, there’s no better. it’s basically a news aggregation site, but well-laid out.

I usually open three sets of forums ( qt3, Something Awful and PCPowerplay ) , Penny Arcade and quickly see if Maddox has anything new. Out of those I’d say I spend the most time here. You people are just so god damn entertaining.

Except Bill, he’s a dickface.

My favorite website is The Underdogs. That’s what the topic asks.

But the first post asks for my favorite forum. I’d have to say www.planetcrap.com even though there’s only a dozen or so posters and they’re all assholes.

My must-check website every day with my morning coffee is giantitp.com, to see if a new Order of the Stick has been posted. Man I love that comic.

Qt3, Salon.com and Washingtonpost.com. Then I’ll usually visit various gaming forums related to whatever flavor-of-the-month I’m into and online gaming community sites (vagabondsrest.com is my home away from home).

This site is way up there for me. I check on it a lot. Underdogs is a fantastic site, however.

Yeah, this is a daily check for me, too, just in case there’s been an unscheduled update. I’ve gotten my wife and brother-in-law hooked on it as well. I think I want a OOTS coffee cup to complete the experience.

Otherwise, Qt3 (which usually open on one browser tab), Game Set Watch for industry commentary and Slate for my politics fix.


Washingtonpost.com? Really?

Man, I had you pegged as a littlegreenfootballs regular for sure.


Thread derail:

So what exactly did you think the giant wooden alpaca full of potato salad was supposed to accomplish?

And why the leprechaun costume and corkscrew?

It is further evidence that bards should never be involved in the planning.


The leprechaun costume makes perfect sense if you tune your IQ down about 40. Thog has green skin. Thog needs disguise. Thog’s green skin ruins most disguises. So disguise Thog as a giant leprechaun!

The corkscrew I have no idea, nor the rest of the junk pictures around the alpaca.


So true with the OOTS love. That guy’s quite incredible with what he’s done in the strip - a very smart man.

My take is that the alpaca, corkscrew and leprechaun costume were meant to accomplish the task of making forumites post long threads about what the plan could have been.

As to my strips, Giantitp, tobold, q23, metafilter, PWOT, penny arcade, andrewsullivan, slashdot. Lurkerlounge for a while, but it’s pretty dead these days. And the WoW official forums have a certain creepy fascination.

Continued OOTS derail:

The wooden alpaca is probably just a leftover nugget in Elan’s brain. He’s a bard so he knows stories; wooden animals can sneak you into places. Just like he suggested that bread crumbs are the best way to make sure you don’t get lost.

And if you fill the wooden animal with yummy potato salad then…I got nuthin’


Ninja Edit or Bob is crazy? YOU DECIDE!

It’s implied.

Here, and SFgate.com for my news. Chow.com is my current favorite cooking blog, those change occasionally. gucomics.com is my favorite type webcomic, but I don’t visit it daily.

My geeky comic needs are more than fullfilled by OOTS -great stuff- and 8bit theather. I daily check on Slate and msnbc just to know what’s going on in the states. Other than that, some Honduran sites and forums.