What's your gaming Holy Grail...OR...If you were to make a game, what would it be?

I’ve dabbled just enough with Unity to know that I don’t have anywhere near the skill I need to make the games I long to play. I have two games that I dream of playing. Had I the skill (or the the team, or whatever) these are the games I would make, because they’re the games I want to play.

1.) For a frame of reference, think The Guild series as a jumping-off point. There were a lot of things I like about those games. But here’s how I see it: You start like as a lowly tradesman. In my head, your choices are roughly a.) criminal - thief/swindler type, running cons and theft jobs to get your start, b.) soldier, working your way up through military ranks, and c.) merchant, obtaining resources and crafting goods, starting various shops, etc. (Pretty much The Guild, so far.) But we have bigger goals. Through a combination of wealth and influence, we are trying to elected mayor of our town, at which point the game shifts somewhat. Now, you’re dealing with the town at a macro level. All of that phase 1 stuff is still happening (and ideally, you can zoom back in to that at any time) but now you’re looking at securing resources the town needs, negotiating trade routes with nearby towns, and passing ordinances to keep your local economy healthy. Eventually, the goal of this stage is to be elected (or acquire via conquest/takeover) sort of a regional governor position. At this point, we’re transitioning to sort of a 4X style game, but I’d like to be able to zoom back in to the micro level at any point. (At this point we’re kind of Grand Ages: Medieval, here.) And unsurprisingly the goal here is to manage regional resources/economy/industries to move to more of an emperor scale, with the ultimate goal of world conquest (or negotiation, etc.) I take a lot of inspiration from The Guild 2 here, but it needs more Big Picture.

2.) Basically – and this is a game I will build if I ever get the programming skills – this game is a Firefly tactical RPG. Fallout meets Xcom in a Firefly-esque universe. (Obviously, I have no dreams of acquiring that license, and it’s not necessary, but that’s the feel of the setting I want.) You start out as someone running odd jobs locally (and of course there’s a background selection here,) until you’re loaned a ship to run an off-planet job. In progress of this, you learn of an old [army?] buddy who has been imprisoned and you need to secure his release, legally or otherwise. (Persuasion, bribery, jailbreak.) Job leads to job (and we have a thriving economy, so some of these jobs can just be "buy low, sell high, smuggle goods, ala Patrician games) leads to you assembling a crew. All combat is tactical (including, ideally, ship combat.) Ship is upgradeable, pilot skill grants new perks in ship combat. Big picture is probably some civil war or another, or maybe it’s a very personal journey, I haven’t worked that out yet. But it’s very much a ‘Space-western tactical RPG’ and I want it very, very much. @divedivedive apparently doesn’t, but I’m sure plenty of people do.

Oh, and naturally, an open-world Star Wars RPG, but I wouldn’t even DREAM of trying to develop that one myself.

What are your gaming Holy Grails?

I don’t have a problem with a space western, as long as it’s done well. Not like oh, I don’t know, Firefly for instance.

Anyway I could swear we’ve done this exact topic at some point in the past because I remember going on at length (like I do) about either a Star Trek or Master and Commander RPG.

I’m sure this topic has come up many times before, but I don’t remember seeing it recently.

I’ll search though.


I’ve said it many times before. A Starship Troopers game based upon the boardgame rules. Hopping power armor. Pocket nukes. Fighting in tunnels. Man I want this so much.

I’ve got relatively simple tastes, I’d take the original xcom, update the graphics, fix the bugs, flesh out the intercept missions so there was an actual game loop to that bit.

Fuck yes, that sounds awesome! Have you played Into The Breach? It’s a tiny little snippet of a game, but I could see some of those mechanics expanded. I like their concept of “weapons move enemies in addition to dealing damage” and using the environment against the enemy. In any tactical game.

I’m here for your game, as well.

I missed the “original” Xcom, but caught an open-source (pocket?) remake 15 or so years ago, and then the “current-gen” remakes as well, and I’ve enjoyed them.

Anything playing in that sandbox I’ll sign up for. But I don’t really have the frame of reference to know what you want that XCom: Enemy Unknown didn’t offer.

There was thread somewhere else about game ideas at one point, and my 2 ideas at the time were:

  1. Some kind of mashup between panzer general and strike commander set in the Hammer’s Slammers universe, where you are running a mercenary group.

  2. Some kind of asymmetric 4x based around the idea of the inhibitors in the Relevation Space books. I also was thinking of mutliple playthroughs on a map, perhaps through some repository of them where they would get uploaded so previous games would leave ruins to discover in the next game on the map.

Gosh these sound awesome, and different settings but similar gameplay to my two biggest wishes!

Oh my god.

Although actually I think what I want is like Battletech’s free roam mode to generate missions and flashpoints and the gameplay to be a hovertank sim.

Your mention of Strike Commander reminds me that I’ve long wanted a Wing Commander-style game set in Vietnam, where you fly from a carrier and maybe start off in the Skyraider and move up through various planes and end up in the Phantom, I guess, but just that style of game where the other pilots and your commanding officer and even the carrier are real characters and a war story gets told.

The new ones don’t really have you running a defense force. The original had you managing a monthly budget, you put bases anywhere you saw fit, you managed where your forces were located and moved them between bases.

In short it felt much more like you were running a defense force soup to nuts.

But as I mentioned I thought the intercept game loop could use some fleshing out.

One thing I wasn’t sure about back then is a lot of the stories dealt with low intensity conflict stuff, but with the COIN series of games now there is probably a solution for dealing with those.

I loved those books a lot as a young guy. You wrote this comment while I was going back and editing my own!

Oh yeah, I still play The Breach.

But I want my game. :)

You can still play it if you can deal with the pixels. Personally I still love it. The music. The multiple levels in buildings. It holds up. At the time it was cutting edge.

I get it. I know a lot of games that scratch SOME of the itches I want, but nothing that’s PERFECT.

I would also play Your Game, for what it’s worth.

You can still play it if you can deal with the pixels. Personally I still love it. The music. The multiple levels in buildings. It holds up. At the time it was cutting edge.

Is what I would have added under that quote. If Discourse would let me.

I can’t even find what I played, but I had some PocketUFO game on a jump drive like four jobs ago that I think was pretty close to the original and I really enjoyed it, but I don’t know if I ever got far enough in, because what I remember was improved upon in every way by the remakes.

I mostly played it in my down time at work though, so I didn’t get DEEP with it.

I’d love a new Darklands, or Darklands style game I think. Or Starflight, give me Starflight

Ha, I remember desperately wanting Darklands based on the box only to discover I couldn’t play it on the computer I had. I obviously knew nothing about machines at the time. Nowadays I would totally play it on my phone in dosbox if the dorky combat wasn’t real time, which I suspect the interface would not do well with.


This one?