What's your gaming Holy Grail...OR...If you were to make a game, what would it be?

It’s been a while, but that looks right.

It was cool, for what it’s worth, but may or may not have been an accurate recreation. As I said, I missed the original, but that was well regarded when I was looking.

Do it! :)

Purchased, installing.

GoG also reminded me that I would also dearly love a remake of Arcanum.

For me it’s

  • On foot - Like Skyrim, massive open map with ton of stuff to do.
  • Ground vehicle - Like Battlezone with again big open map with stuff to do.
  • Spaceship - Like Spacebourne. Travel to tons of planets with big open maps and tons of stuff to do, plus tons of points of interest in space like space stations and such.
  • Military - Like Star Fleet 2. If you join the military, you can eventually become an admiral with a battlecruiser as your ship.
  • 4x - Like Distant Worlds, can be promoted to do different things in an empire.

So this’ll be a massive game.

I used to want the ultimate space simulator, fly anywhere, walk on planets, meaningful quests all over the place, exploration, ongoing wars between factions, but then Star Citizen came along and shit all over the very concept (or proved that it was an unrealistic dream).

Speaking of unrealistic dreams, my gaming holy grail? That would be a procedurally generated game universe that was entirely believable. Think AI Dungeon, but for a full game world. The game adapts to what you want it to be, for as long as you want it. Actually I’m just describing the Holodeck aren’t I?

I’m in.

See you in 2042.

This makes me happy. I love to turn people on to older titles that are great. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it. And if you do, please tell us.

I’ll admit: Sometimes I have a problem going back to old games because graphics. I like to pretend like I’m not a graphics whore, but I like things to look nice.

It’s a noticeable hole in my gaming resume though, so I’ll at least give it a chance.

Four minutes in: The Pocket version was very close.

I’ll spend more time with it, but maybe not tonight.

I’ve posted this before, but it’s still true. I desperately want a business sim where you run a TV network similar to First Row’s Prime Time but open-ended (Prime Time was for a single season) and with programming in daytime and late night too (so I can bring back Santa Barbara).

In general, I want business sims to make a comeback. A spiritual successor to Dani Berry’s SSI title Cartels & Cutthroats? Yes, please!

Makes me think of this:

I, too, have a weakness for Business Sims.

I don’t know the particular one you reference, but your description sounds wonderful.

I’m in.

A star ship commander on the frontier of human space. You’d have a ship/crew that you could manage, upgrade, engage in space combat, but you’d also have away teams to send down to planets. You are basically the law - you deal with pirates, feuding planetary factions, renegade scientists, death cults, diplomatic relations with alien races, scientific missions, trade relations, insurgent factions, etc. You’d also manage a star base that could be used to research and outfit your ship/crew with new tech/weapons/etc.

You and I are cut from the same cloth. I love it.

Fun fact: Trip Hawkins tried to buy the rights to Cartels & Cutthroats when starting EA. SSI refused to sell them, so Dani Berry designed M.U.L.E. for EA.

Did that have a custom controller? One of Dani’s early games did.

Edit: Ah, Wheeler Dealers was the one with the controller

It is not, of course, precisely the same, but Total Extreme Wrestling is an open-ended business sim about putting on a show, albeit a pro wrestling promotion.


Cartels & Cutthroats was keyboard input only and nearly entirely text only. It was not a lot like Berry’s later titles apart from a focus on multiplayer.

I want a rock climbing game that focuses on all the technical aspects of the sport and is super gear heavy: rope, knots, cams, nuts, anchors, bolts, aid equipment, etc.

And then fold that into an open world exploration game where the goal is just to traverse the environment to hard to reach places with amazing views. Could include ice climbing, skiing/split boarding, maybe even survival stuff (though that’s been done to death.)

Would be interesting to see an aircraft carrier game that focuses on ship driving and engineering rather than the airwing. Maybe a narrative based game involving a young ship’s force junior officer trying to earn her quals.

Ive also always wanted to see a space economy game in our own solar system with near-future tech and realistic trajectories. Basically High Frontier as a computer game with a more detailed economic and technological sim.

Ghostbusters game that uses the XCOM 2 formula , so a BASE , Ecto 1 rides to missions , Turn based combat, satisfying trapping and end of mission screen deposits into the containment unit.

It’s a crime we don’t get more Ghostbusters games.