What's your go-to comfort food?

Pizza’s always welcome. Mac N Cheese with tuna and peas is great. Spaghetti with alfredo sauce, shrimp, broccoli and carrots is good. I usually dump some sirachi sauce on my helping and break out in a sweat as I eat it. Good times.

Simple grilled cheese. Bread, margarine, American cheese.

And a can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup using milk instead of water.

This is the way.

Woah. You’re bringing trans fats into this? I thought this was going to be a wholesome thread!

Can you use butter instead?

nope, it tears the bread.

EDIT: I’ve heard of people using Mayo, but I have not tried that. Margarine is the way Mama 138 taught me, and it is how I make them. It’s probably the only thing I use margarine for.

Don’t keep your butter in the fridge.

That is good. I really like these. I’m good for an entire carton every time. And I dip grilled cheese sandwiches or toast in it.

Yep, I recently switched to kitchen counter butter storage, it’s pretty great.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

It probably looks the same.

About which part? If it’s the tuna, I can’t help. Some people just don’t like tuna for some reason I don’t understand. If it’s the peas, I can probably help! As my mom told me: Never get canned peas. Always get frozen peas instead. I didn’t listen to her and got canned peas once.

Never again!

The combination thereof. I greatly dislike both, and the combo just…threw me over the top.But you do what you love, no judgement.

Few things here:

  1. Mayo instead of butter for Grilled Cheese. Works great, can’t taste the difference, and obviously spreads easier than butter.
  2. The only brand of canned peas that are tolerable - and I actually like them - are LeSueur.
  3. I like tuna in mac and cheese (blue box, of course), but if tuna isn’t for you, they also make canned chicken which I imagine would work just as well (and does for my wife). When I make boxed noodle soup (blue box (Wylers?) better than Lipton by far), I add a can of chicken for extra protein and it works great.

That is actually a really good point. I’ve never had those two things together, even though I’ve had them separately.

That’s what we use. We just add enough to get a nice little burst of flavor out of them. The cheese and tuna flavors are still the primary flavors you taste.

I also always get the Kraft Mac N Cheese. The generic brands aren’t as good. It’s a good, cheap hot meal.

Traditional roast beef dinner… mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, gravy.
If I’m sick, tea and toast fingers (with honey on them)

Baked mac & cheese, bacon double cheeseburgers with lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapenos and ketchup, fish and chips, chile verde burritos… the list goes on and on and on.

Family recipe? Hamburger stroganoff, which is similar to beef stroganoff, but the beef is all ground up like the meat you would find in a hamburger patty. Except it’s not shaped like a hamburger patty. Anyway, hamburger stroganoff, the way my mom makes it. And heavy on the dill weed, the way my sister and I make it. Served over egg noodles, with a side of, say, green beans, and maybe dinner rolls steaming hot with melting butter slathered over them.

Or a bag of pretzel thins and a vat of hummus would also comfort me right up.

Yeah, if I could still get it, my Mom’s hamburger casserole would be at the top. Hamburger, celery, green peppers, onions, macaroni in a tomato sauce. God it was so good.

Buttered noodles