What's Your Perception of Crackdown?

Companies pay millions of dollars to bolster, redefine or repair how their products are perceived. Corporate suits don’t just want you to buy their products. They want you to feel something about their products. Sometimes that’s power. And sometimes that’s fun… or sex appeal, confidence, individuality, what have you.

And in the video gaming world, the largest player around is the Xbox 360.

And now that several AAA games have launched, and with all of the cards from the major players on the table, the question is how do you feel about… Crackdown?

Note: As is standard operating procedure for polling, we’re going to use broad descriptors; This isn’t a poll about how you feel about Crackdown’s art style or soundtrack or price point, etc. It’s how you regard Crackdown writ large, taking all of those factors into account.

Note: For the purposes of this poll, you don’t have to OWN the game; in fact, companies often care more about product perception before a purchase than after. Sad, but true.

The powered up vehicles look fun. I’d support a racing game where you got powerups that game your vehicle special abilities (super jumping, turbo boost, flight, wallcrawling, teleportation, transformation into mecha, burrowing, whatever), with gameplay focused on creative negotiation of crazy levels. Sort of Twisted Metal meets Jet Grind Radio. And San Fransisco Rush. And whatnot.

I like it. The demo was enjoyable, and had many squee moments for me. Being able to leap from building to building, then boot an enemy off the roof, tossing a grenade after him so he ended up bouncing back to me, where i could riddle him with rounds… that really made my day.

It’s another GTA game in the end though. For me, GTA games are very “oh wow i can run people over/do cool stuff” and then becomes “urgh i’m sick of running people over” soon after.

But co-op mode? Where you can both pace the city on your own? Very nice. If it works well, that’s where you’ll find me online, playing baseball with the cars.

The only thing i would have liked, (maybe its possible to do so?) is to use various picked up objects as a melee weapon… rather than to just throw them.