What's your Perception of the overuse of the word "perception?"


Did you look it up yet?

Kinda cheesy, but I max it out almost every time.

Perception is overpowered in arenas, nerf humans please.

Topic is useless without a poll.

Topic is useless period.

My perception of your reply is useless.

Topic maker probably useless.

Where are my glasses again?

Where’s the Beef?

Between your ears.

Oh man. You managed to give purpose to this thread. You are absolutely going in the first round if Qt3 ever splits up and gets drafted into teams.

No happy ending for Dung-Boy.

Perception is munchkin.

Semantic satiation

Sir, I ascertain that these men are just jealous of my command of the…English…uh language

I’m perceiving a lack of perception here, perceptually speaking.