What's Your Perception of the PlayStation 3?

Companies pay millions of dollars to bolster, redefine or repair how their products are perceived. Corporate suits don’t just want you to buy their products. They want you to feel something about their products. Sometimes that’s power. And sometimes that’s fun… or sex appeal, confidence, individuality, what have you.

And in the video gaming world, the largest players around are the consoles from the big three.

And now that all three consoles have launched, and with all of the cards from the major players on the table, the question is how do you feel about… the PlayStation 3?

Note: As is standard operating procedure for polling, we’re going to use broad descriptors; This isn’t a poll about how you feel about Sony’s hardware or line-up of games or price point, etc. It’s how you regard the PlayStation 3 writ large, taking all of those factors into account.

Note: For the purposes of this poll, you don’t have to OWN the console; in fact, companies often care more about product perception before a purchase than after. Sad, but true.

that this post should have been a poll?

Yup. Was working it up. Took awhile to get all three up and running.

To keep the polls up top (since this thread may not spur too much discussion), I’ll report on polling snapshots at different intervals during the day.

No opinion. No reason to buy one. Never played one. If I gave my opinion based on all I know about the system to date, including problems and such, it would probably be a negative opinion. But I’ll reserve that till I’ve actually used the system. But… probably not for a while. For the price, my buy requirement is 4 games I want to play that are currently available. I don’t see that happening for a good long time at this point.

Gee, I wonder what the results are going to be like…

(I voted Somewhat negative, for the record).

I think there’s little doubt about the results but I’m curious about the magnitude in swing.

Mentioned this in the other threads, so I’m mentioning it here as well - for the purposes of this poll, you don’t have to OWN the console.

In fact, companies often care more about product perception before a purchase than after. Sad, but true.

Small tidbit to note: more people are voting in the Sony thread than others. Unfortunately for Sony, it seems more of a fervor to register displeasure than anything else…

I voted neutral, but in retrospect I should have voted somewhat negative. I have literally no intension of buying one, but I don’t think it will end up sucking, either. I’m quite happy to see Sony nosedive because I don’t like any company staying on top for long and I don’t like the slant towards higher prices and over-the-top hardware. But a little schadenfreude doesn’t really gauge my feelings toward the PS3 itself.

My measure is this: I intend to get a Wii, and I am quite interested in a 360 once it’s monetarily sound for me to get one. The PS3 just seems redundant with all that.

Jake Plane is a market researcher spamming the forums. Please ban him.


Depending on your location, here’s the noon/morning update:

As of 12:30pm ET/9:30am PT nearly 80% of participating Qt3ers have a negative view of the PlayStation 3. By contrast, over 80% have a positive view of the Xbox 360 and the Wii. In fact, for both the Wii and the 360 less than 10% of those participating have a negative view of either system.

To date, approximately 75 people have voted in these polls.

puh-lease. I may be many things - a lover of polls (in a non euphamestic sense), a BC obsessive, an X-Com-phile, a lover of having my poll loved (reverse my first paranthetical) - but I’m not a market researcher numnuts.

Trust me, if someone wanted to do market research on gaming, it would involve a hell of a lot more than posting on an internet forum.

Please refrain from hitting the new thread button then, assmaster. A single thread for “which console do you like best” serves people better than a marketing drone scale grade poll thread for every single console. I’m surprised you failed to make ones for the PSP and the DS, but maybe you’re just busy doing it while I’m typing this.

I think it’s quite interesting, if not particularly surprising. Sony’s current brand identity seems to be “the company that hates customers.”

No offense, but I think this may help improve your quality of live…

Jesus man relax.

Yes, because posting on a forum is one-to-one correlation with real life!

Have you ever actually met someone in real life who you first met on the internet?

Coupled with all your ass comments, I’m worried that this might be a come on…

Kunikos, this is silly. If you don’t like the poll, ignore it.

Ignoring it wouldn’t discourage you from making seven threads in the future all at the same time with the exact same formatting. I’m eagerly awaiting your perception polls about every single game to come out next month.

I stand by my polls (non-euphamestically again). I thought it was an interesting question to ask. And apparently so did approximately 90 people so far.

Take this conversation to PM if you want to chat further Kunikos.