What's Your Perception of the Xbox 360?

Companies pay millions of dollars to bolster, redefine or repair how their products are perceived. Corporate suits don’t just want you to buy their products. They want you to feel something about their products. Sometimes that’s power. And sometimes that’s fun… or sex appeal, confidence, individuality, what have you.

And in the video gaming world, the largest players around are the consoles from the big three.

And now that all three consoles have launched, and with all of the cards from the major players on the table, the question is how do you feel about… the Xbox 360?

Note: As is standard operating procedure for polling, we’re going to use broad descriptors; This isn’t a poll about how you feel about MS’s hardware or line-up of games or price point, etc. It’s how you regard the Xbox 360 writ large, taking all of those factors into account.

Note: For the purposes of this poll, you don’t have to OWN the console; in fact, companies often care more about product perception before a purchase than after. Sad, but true.

To keep the polls up top (since this thread may not spur too much discussion), I’ll report on polling snapshots at different intervals during the day.

I’ve been really happy with my 360. I use it as a dvd player as much as a gaming system but that’s more because lately I’d rather watch movies than play games, and that applies to all systems.

But everything about the system is just well thought out and smooth. User experience++

Games are good too!

I can’t imagine the 360 is ideal as a DVD player considering the noise it puts out. I used to use my PC for movies, but you know, that was in the ghetto.

Mentioned this in the other threads, so I’m mentioning it here as well - for the purposes of this poll, you don’t have to OWN the console.

In fact, companies often care more about product perception before a purchase than after. Sad, but true.

I’ve been using mine as a media extender, serving video/music from the PC upstairs. It’s ace. Up until recently I was converting movies to MP4*, copying them to my iPod and then hooking it up to my PC. Now I just boot the 360. Much neater.

I made some really nice perl scripts that used FFMpeg to do the conversion for iPod and AtomicParsley to add the correct tags for TV shows so this actually wasn’t that problematic. Of course, conversion is still an issue with the 360. I’ve adapted my script to use VLC to convert my video to WMV8 format. VLC conversion is fast and looks okay but the output files are noticeably larger than the source - not a big problem because I tend to delete the files after I watch them but an irritation nonetheless.

Do the same. Another option is WinAVIvideoconverter. It costs $30 but has been worth it.


My 360 is completely silent while playing DVDs.

Apparently, the noise of the system varies wildly from system to system.

As someone who never bought an XBox, I’m pretty happy with my 360.

Downsides are…it still feels like there are an awful lot of racers, shooters, and sports games.

I really wish Microsoft exerted pressure on developers in terms of certification requirements or whatever, that all games be readable/playable on SDTVs.

I think a lot of stuff in the Marketplace/Arcade is overpriced.

Machine is too loud. Backwards compatibility should be better/more complete.

But, I like the overall fit and finish of the console and the controller. I like Live. MS seems to be slowly getting better at delivering the game genres I enjoy. I feel like I’ve it was a decent purchase.

Same. Is the read speed different for games versus movies?

And on movies - anyone else notice that the movies available to rent on LIVE come with an expiration date? And no, I’m not talking about the 14 day to view, 24 hours to finish viewing thing. Some titles are only available for a limited time. Shame. I thought it would be more like a digital netflix. Seems to be going the way of pay-per-view.

Somewhat positive. As I posted in the other two threads: I intend to get a Wii, I’m interested in the 360 once I feel like I can justify the expense, and the PS3 just seems redundant with these guys on the market.

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Depending on your location, here’s the noon/morning update:

As of 12:30pm ET/9:30am PT nearly 80% of participating Qt3ers have a negative view of the PlayStation 3. By contrast, over 80% have a positive view of the Xbox 360 and the Wii. In fact, for both the Wii and the 360 less than 10% of those participating have a negative view of either system.

To date, approximately 75 people have voted in these polls.

Positive: A decent number of games I’m interested in, both in shops and on the
XBox Live Arcade. My second 360 is really quiet compared to the first one.
Getting online with games is pretty simple, and inviting/joining friends is as
easy as I could ask for it to be.

Buying points is pretty close to the dollar value. Surprising, but it’s what it
should be. It’s friggin’ bits and bytes, not physical goods.

Negative: What movies? Nobody outside North America can rent anything!
Aren’t Europe and Asia accounting for two thirds of total XBox 360 sales?
They might be too late in some regions, where people already have pay-per-view
over their cable (HD!) decoder, through their ISPs and various physical and
digital rental services. At least here, they’ll be facing a lot of competition.

At least Europeans have more than 10 gigs of harddrive space at any time…
(What’s the point in having European offices if you ignore your European
customers? Is it only a collection of marketing people and server admins?)

My first 360 broke after TEN DAYS. It’s inexcusable. Really. The number of
replacement consoles in my limited circle of 360-owning acquantances mirrors
the reports here; it’ll break, eventually, then the replacement will often break.
Then you’ll get a refurbished launch console (“IT’S A CLASSIC!”).

Developer’s club: This is possibly the lamest system I’ve seen. First, they are
charging $130 to Europeans. That’s right; membership is FUCKING OVERPRICED
for anyone who doesn’t live in the land of the free. Second, it’s useless for the
thing devs actually want - making indie games that anyone can play. You need
a bloody membership just to play other people’s games, in addition to actually
downloading their source. Your 360 needs to be connected both to the Windows
computer you use for development AND Live. The former to upload, the latter
to actually play. The club needs to be reworked.

My opinion is generally on the positive side, but since there’s no video rental,
and MS come up with vague excuses every time they’re asked, I don’t think
they’re handling it 100% right. They only pay lip-service to indie devs.

I’m having fun with the games, but that’s all I can do. Already got better options
to play my DVDs and TV shows :)
(We’re in region 2 here - the console won’t play my US imports)

For DVDs, the drive only needs to spin at 1x. It probably spins faster to handle scene skip and such easier. But it won’t spin at max read speed most likely.

Somewhat negative. I keep reading stuff about this system crashing and for the life of me I do not understand how people just sit there and take it. If I buy something, I expect it to work at what it does.

I am really not trying to take a shot at anyone. I am perfectly willing to accept that I am most likely wrong. I just can’t understand the whole “my fifth box broke and I send it over for reparis”. I would ask for a refund and get me a ps2. Just my op.

Edit: but its not a REAL negative perception because I am yet to play Dead Rising and Gears, and I think they are awesome.

The noon/noon update is basically unchanged. On the day analysts are saying that Sony may see a 50% drop in profits, there’s an 80% unfavorability rating, at least on these boards.

Another trend has remained unchanged - more people enjoy voting against Sony than for the other consoles.

Lastly, polling references have taken off like tribles.

My first 360 crashed all the time if I pushed the guide button and browsed
friends lists while a game was not paused. The replacement has no such problems,
but most games seem to auto-pause now.

Already have a PS2 I’m happy with, so no such option for me ;)
The PS2 and DS are probably the most pleasant, since they were really cheap,
only promised games, and I got games.

Ah, so you’re one of us. The 360 has you :)

Windows Media Encoder is another good option for converting video from whatever codecs are installed on your system to WMV that the 360 likes. And its free. Only runs on Windows, of course.