What's Your Perception of the Xbox 360?

My 360 has never had a problem and has never required repairs.

I think it has potential, and there are a few games on it I enjoy. I’m kind of tired of the non-stop stream of violent, M-rated games, though – they just aren’t suitable for playing in the presence of my family. And, honestly, I’m not a big fan of the action games that are the XBox’s strength so far.

So, somewhat positive.

Very Positive! (when it works)

Very positive. Overall it’s a sleek piece of technology with an outstanding online experience. It’s just very well put together from circuits to software. The growing pains were unfortunate, but MS seems to have really stepped up to resolve the issues.

Actually it’s totally quiet playing DVDs and is a damn good player to boot.


We polled over a hundred people and discovered that 80% of them liked it.

(sorry, it seems I’m stuck in bad pun mode today)

Does anyone actually notice this when they are playing? I never do until the I am done and the drive spins down.

Depends on the game really. With a game like GOW and all the loud noises and the action that takes over all your attention I don’t notice it.

Actually, the only time it’s really annoying is when I leave the thing on and I’m not playing it, like when I’d leave Dead Rising paused because I didn’t have time to get to a save point.

I think the location of my 360 is amplifying the sound to some extent. I wonder if I put a little foam against the back wall of the little cubby it’s tucked into below my TV it would cut down the noise a lot.

Somewhat positive.

I dont hear it once I’m doing anything that makes noise. Sitting in the dash with no music playing, I can tell it’s running. It’s about 12 feet away in a cabinet though.

After the failure of my first system and how long it took for them to do something about the problem, I had to vote neutral. I like the games, but I could live without this gnawing feeling that sometime in the next six months this one will probably die too.

I’m very impressed by it, but the unreliable hardware is a downer.

I would have voted differently had it not been for a weekend spent with a mate drinking and playing Dead Rising.

Fell in love with it all over again!

I don’t notice it. Two computers surrounding it, though. One is always on,
and they’re close to me. I can hear it’s on if I listen for it.

Very positive. This past Christmas it came down to the 360 and the Wii for me. If my kid would have been out of the equation the 360 would have been an easy choice. Give me more family games Microsoft.

It’s also painfully slow. VLC is much faster though as I say the resulting videos are much larger.

Neutral. It’s a nice system and Live is the best console multiplayer infrastructure so far, but it’s still too expensive for what it does. Xbox 1 is a better media station, and there are only a couple of interesting games out (none of which seem like they would have long term interest for me. Well, except for Senko no Ronde, but that’s Japan exclusive). Live Arcade has a good selection, but the games are rather expensive. The actual 360 games cost an arm and a leg.

Actually, reading all that again, I think slightly negative would have been more accurate for me. I’ll probably buy one in the coming years, but the price of the system and games needs to come down and the system needs a killer game that isn’t a shooter.

It’s the only next gen console that I currently own. I waited years to pick up an Xbox. I’m very happy that I decided to jump into the console market early this time around.

Very positive. I love the Xbox Live, the achievements, and more generally the games I own. I waited a year before I saw something interesting on the 360, but now I really enjoy it. Never had such fun with a console since the years of my dear old Genesis.

Very positive for me. It is my first console since my Atari 5200, so I can’t really compare. But I have been playing regularly (3-4 x/week) since I got it in May. XBL is wonderful, I love the arcade games, and there are too many games for me to play with the time and money I have.