What's Your Perception of What's Your Perception Polls?

Posters expend ones of calories to bolster, redefine or repair how their polls are perceived. Posters don’t just want you to answer their polls. They want you to feel something about their polls. Sometimes that’s power. And sometimes that’s fun… or sex appeal, confidence, individuality, what have you.

And in the Qt3 forum world, the largest poll around is the What’s Your Perception? polls.

And now that several AAA polls have launched, and with all of the cards from the major players on the table, the question is how do you feel about…What’s Your Perception?

Note: As is standard operating procedure for polling, we’re going to use broad descriptors; This isn’t a poll about how you feel about What’s Your Perception’s wording or poll options or non-stickiness, etc. It’s how you regard What’s Your Perception? writ large, taking all of those factors into account.

Note: For the purposes of this poll, you don’t have to OWN the poll; in fact, lurkers often care more about poster perception before a posting than after. Sad, but true.

Hah, beat me to it.

Hah, my poll was obviously the inspiration for this parody of a parody. I have made my mark. Take that, world!

Don’t make me start a “What’s your perception of Parody polls” thread.

A better angle might be a thread demanding a subforum for polls.

Bob Cherub dismissal of thread in 5…4…3…2…

Speaking only for myself, I personally love Jake Plane’s polls.

What is your perception of my foot in your motherfucking ass?

I’m perceiving that you’re unnaturally angry and you may be over reacting just a tad…

And I’m fine with that.

No shit, bonerz! option = no sale!

Whoa Bob C. posts in Games? I thought he was a P&R alt.

The Plague Of Polls is a disease that tends to pop up every year or so.

Microshaft buys Lionpole!

With the climate changing we have to expect more of these large migrations of poll carrying rodents and other vermin from the central plains into more populated areas. While it is a seasonal occurance, the intensity of the polls is getting stronger.