Whedon back to TV with.. Avengers-ish show?

An Agents of SHIELD series would make sense … and would explain why Maria Hill was given so much screen time and lines in the Avengers movie, despite having nada to do and no real reason to be in an already-crowded story.

Enh, Maria Hill is a fairly major character in the comics and in the Avengers cartoon, and an easy way to get another woman into the movie that was very low on women.

Maybe it’s a Nextwave: Agents of Hate TV show.

Please… no. Ellis really doesn’t translate well into motion/TV/movie format.

No, not the same thing at all. Firefly had characters I could root for, characters with personality, not a ragtag bunch of blank slates and Blue Men employees with personality. :D No Asians though. :)

I don’t trust Whedon with that kind of material. Not at all. He’s too interested in big emotional moments and not sweating the details, on breaking things up but not on putting them together again, etc. Also, there was nobody to indentify with. You had blank slate maybe victims, evil corporation employees (who could also be victims, who knows, given the premise), and a fairly inconsequential FBI agent. No spunky superhero Cheerleader and wacky friends, no Vampire with a soul trying to atone, no Han Solo and buddies.

And call me a simpleton, but I need someone to root for or against in a story. And nothing’s solid in that story, nothing you can count on, you’ve got a “remake a character into anything you want” built right into it.

I dunno… I could see something like Global Frequency working as a regular series. In fact, it was optioned at one point, then shelved, by SyFy.

Strong female lead, other strong woman characters… right up Whedon’s alley!

If you search out there you can find the pilot episode that was leaked a few years back. I would have enjoyed it as a show, but it certainly would need some updates with the march or technology.

Certainly the tech would need to be updated, mostly to account for wireless and to make the satellite phones smaller / cooler looking. But I re-read the series recently, and it still holds up pretty well.

As a practical matter, two things wound up happening. 1. There was a flaw/deliberate sabotaging of the mindwipe process, such that some of the Dolls started having persistent memories and real personalities, giving you “real people” to root for. 2. Some of the evil corporation employees developed layers and became allies as well. So you had “good guys” and such.

Global Frequency totally felt like it was written as a TV series spec. If they did it on AMC or HBO I would watch the hell out of that thing.

I’d be totally down with either Runaways or Global Frequency, both would be telegenic.

Global Frequency, in particular, could play like the tv Mission Impossible, having that sort of breathless “getting the team together” thing - and the good thing is the “team” could be different each week.

But Runaways could be incredibly popular if they get good wee actors who have chemistry together. Runaways might be more expensive to do though, what with all the superhero fx required.

Runaways is interesting, because it would be a shot across the bow for CW’s DC teen shows (Smallville, Green Arrow), which appear to have been pretty successful for them.