Wheelchair kid stuck to grille of Semi at 50 mph


Can you imagine? You’re driving down the highway, and as you pass a semi you see a kid in a bright red shirt, stuck to the semi’s front grille, wheelchair tires melting, as he travels at mach speed?


Wow! Wonderful that no one was hurt. Usually these stories end in pain. And sadness. In the rain.

Holy shit – that’s one bad-ass wheelchair. Amazing.

I woulda guessed wheelchairs were made of aloominyum. Maybe it’s titanium!

Oh god, you didn’t tell us he was wearing an “I’m a Trooper” t-shirt.
I almost shit myself laughing. Now I’m going to feel bad all day

The shirt says “I’m a Pepper” its Dr. Pepper shirt.

Didn’t they phase out that ad campaign in the 70’s?

Obviously you missed out on that whole “old t-shirt slogans” nostalgia thing that’s been going on.

So, those handicapped bastards are upping the ante. It looks like it’s time for me to drink a Mountain Dew and show them how extreme those of us who aren’t used to sitting down all day can be!*

*Haha, I caught that too. Hooray for offices!

Clearly a viral marketing campaign by Cadbury-Schweppes aimed at grabbing some of Mountain Dew’s demographic.

A Hotwheels shirt (with the flame graphic) would have been the shit.


Paw Paw

“Hey kid, step off my grill”

Soon to be a movie and theme park ride from Disney.

For penance you must put on your “I’m a Pooper T-shirt” and wear it all day. Don’t let it happen again!

Good times.

made me LOLZ


Oh no… that is so wrong. :-)

I’m thinking Bubaru.