When a gorilla makes sweet love to a computer

So, I work for the post office. We’re replacing all the PCs with new models and I need the old ones shipped in for data transfer. Anybody with common sense knows you put a computer into a BOX to ship it. This postmaster didn’t. Also, the Samsonite Gorilla apparently got romantic with it.


Amazingly, the HD was intact.

Ah, the Post Office, that paragon of government intelligence and efficiency at work!

Hard drives are incredibly tough little things. As long as they didn’t sweep it through a strong magnetic field or puncture the hard drive, it’ll be good.

(ps. Iz and I have the exact same number of posts!)

We got a industrial PC shipped back to us once in a box… with no packing material. It’s a heavy heavy beast, and yet, the cast front bezel was bent.

We also get operator panels shipped back from like… lard rendering plants, and well, those things are quite fragrant. Its quite an adventure, I hear, to repair a unit when the entire inside is covered with years of accumulated airborne grease.

Well you can be all negative and say that the case is stuffed… or you can go with the ‘glass half full’ option and say it’s a new style of case modding… a couple of UV lights and some paint and that puppy would rock.

Did anyone question the bozo as to why he shipped it like that ? Where did it come from ?

Did anyone question the bozo as to why he shipped it like that ? Where did it come from ?[/quote]

Try reading it again.
It look to me like IXAszurom are the brave bozo getting a brand new replacement for his broken PC. True? :wink:
Kidding aside - data transfer to the new computers only require the HD - so maybe he only needed to ship that!