When are the next batch of video cards due?

Since the ATI part seems to be a dud (sub 8800GTS performance, super 8800GTS price), and I may be looking at building a new machine soon, when are the next batch due out of the pipeline? Right now the GTS/GTX seem like the best gaming choice, but AFAIK they don’t include tech like HDCP which I’d really like to have.

Also, any of the more techy-oriented folks out there heard anything about cards with 64 bit FP precision in the shaders natively? I’d kind of like to build for GPGPU capability on my next upgrade and had heard toward the beginning of the year that NVidia had a 64 bit precision part coming, but haven’t kept up for whether that’s still “later” or they’ve talked about it more.

The rumor mill says end of the year.

Damn that kinda sucks. I have a 7900gt and I am looking to build a new system sometime this summer. I guess I am better holding off till the end of the year before I upgrade the card because going from a 7900 to an 8800 does not seem like a big enough jump to justify the price.

Was that end of the year for the next batch (i.e. the new 8800s with HDCP etc…) or for the 64 bit FP hardware?

Crystal ball says end of the year for double precision FP.

Ah… hrmmm… maybe I should go cheap until then if I end up making a new machine then. The lure of a 64 bit FP GPU with 768+ MB of onboard memory makes the science geek in me titter.

There should be a word in English for the quiet but intense pleasure brought on by upgrading video hardware. Is this how it feels to watch your children learn? 7900GT to 8800 GTS - it is a reasonable jump…

FWIW, I agree… the big performance jump is going from 7900 to 8800GTX, not the GTS.


All 8xxx series chipsets support HDCP. Whether the manufacturer of the actual video card actually enables the HDCP support or not is up to them. I myself had luck in buying a cheapo $80 8500 with HDCP support, so it can be done.


The part is called “Ultra”, not “Ultimate”.

And that’s definitely not worth it right now.