When are? you getting the H1N1 flu vaccine?

Just curious if everyone here plans to get it and when… or if some have the “fear of vaccines” in you and will avoid it altogether.

Personally, I hope you all consider it not just for yourselves but for those around you - especially if you have children.

Few if any of us will be able to get the vaccine if we want it, perhaps for months to come.

I don’t plan on getting it myself, but I do think that the fact it’s available is just H1N1-derful.

I think I’d rather die than line Rumsfeld’s pockets.

I don’t know anyone with Flu and wouldn’t get a vaccine for it anyway. I’ve got 12 months salary minimum in my company bank accounts for just this kind of shit. Duvet and chicken soup ftw.

I should have saved the link, but I read an article which tauted a survey showing 33% of Americans would refuse the vaccine for themselves/children even if it was mandatory (the whole - don’t trust the government and vaccines aren’t safe thing). So based on that it actually sounded like there would be a lot more vaccine available in ~ a month than initially thought.

I wondered whether I was being hasty. I don’t think I am. I will dance on thatcher’s grave when that fucking evil witch finally dies and I’d rather take my chances with the flu virus than make Rumsfeld any richer than he already is. I might die miserable, but my misery won’t make him or his family any richer.

A month ago, a 28 year old friend of mine was totally healthy, except for what she thought was a little cold. On October 1st, they took her off life support; her memorial is tomorrow. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/tribnet/obituary.aspx?n=kitty-joy-sexton&pid=134030853

I’ll be getting it as soon as it’s available in Canada.

Don’t click.

I’ll be getting it as soon as it’s available in Canada.


Uh, it’s an obituary.

flounce edited, since post LOLing at friend’s death has been removed.


I’ll be getting the seasonal shot next week probably and two H1N1 shots when they’re available. I work with kids and have immune issues; I’d be a fool not to get it.

I’ve known several people that have had it already. Some were out of work for over a month. My boss’s friend died from it, less than two weeks after having her baby.

Asking my doctor about it tomorrow, I know all three of us are getting it ASAP.

I can’t choose a poll option, because while I plan to get it, I have no idea when it will be made available to me. As soon as I can easily get it. I have a baby and a toddler, and while I’m very skeptical of the usefulness of a flu vaccine, I’d rather err on the side of caution for my little ones. I’m not sure if my toddler is old enough to get the vaccine, I’ve heard minimum age of 2, and minimum age of 3.

Okay, who voted for “I don’t believe in vaccines.”? Brad?

Given that h1n1 has been bubbling around for 3 years or so why the question about getting vaccinated now? Has there been something going on in the US to kick off a new awareness or something?

I dont particularly mean to trivialise the fun and games that it has the potential to cause, but I am interested why a poll about getting vaccinated has gone up now rather than last week/month/year.

I’ve read The Stand, I’d rather die of the flu than live in a ravaged world left in ruins by disease.

I was all set to select “next month or two”, but then I realized he meant the vaccine.

I’m not getting the vaccine – I work from home (web monkey), don’t have any kids, don’t come into contact with kids, I’m healthy, and outside the risk ages.

About the only way I could be any lower-risk would be if I were a hermit.

I wont get it because I am lazy and I don’t find it particularly dangerous to a healthy young chap like myself! I am surprised I haven’t gotten H1N1 yet anyways, since multiple classes that I teach have students with it and the entire grade had a week of classes canceled because it was so rampant. It seems to have passed through our school now, so it seems silly to get the vaccine after the whole ordeal.