When can I buy Mercenaries 2?

8/31 release date? I don’t know how that fits with the normal Tuesday listed release dates with Wednesday shelf dates. Anyone know?

Comes out Sunday, apparently. That’s the day the online stores offer, and the dude in Best Buy said 31st … So …

I don’t think that’s as universal as you may think. Tues and Wed shelf dates tend to be most common, but there’s no universal rule. Nintendo Wii 1st-party titles have been coming out on Sundays, for example.

From what I’ve seen, this one should hit stores on Monday. Speedy1961’s advance weekly circular ads on CheapAssGamer should be the most definitive resource.

Ea’s online store says Thu Sep 04 12:00:00 CDT 2008. :\

GameFly says 8/30, but that could just be the mailing day being factored in.

It’s street-dated, like Smash Brothers Brawl and Spore. You will be able to buy it as soon as the stores open on Sunday.

My concern is that even with next-day air on EB/Gamestop, I won’t get the game until Tuesday because of the release date being Sunday and then Monday is a holiday.

Yeah, that does suck. I don’t expect EB has any inclination to get it out to you quickly, eh? Can you not do the Amazon Prime Release Day offer?

Amazon isn’t offering Release Day shipping on that game. They’re only offering it on the few games listed in the 1up article for now. I emailed EB to see what the deal is. If they’re not going to get it to me Sunday (and I doubt they will) then I’ll just cancel my preorder and pick it up at Best Buy on Sunday. I really don’t need the preorder bonus beanie and bag or whatever.

Could you transfer your pre-order to pick-up?

Some reports of stores getting them already today (but not selling it as it is street-dated for Sunday). So I expect by Sunday almost everywhere should have it when it is officially available. I can’t wait! (But Castle Crashers, Moving Pictures, and finally finishing TR:Anniversary will have to do, I suppose =)).

Nope. I can cancel the shipment or change the credit card that will be billed, but there is no way for me to convert it to in-store pickup myself. I suppose I could ask EB customer service if they can do it after they tell me the game won’t be here Sunday. My only reservation about being so pessimistic comes from the fact that I got overnight shipping, which I believe is one of the few shipping options UPS has that delivers on the weekend. But we shall see.

Good luck, chief.

What I’m worried about is how much my muscles with atrophy after I play Mercs 2 for two days straight after picking it up Sunday morning at Gamestop! D:

Mercenaries 2 has great commericals. That song is stuck in my head now because it’s so darn silly.

I hadn’t seen that - pretty funny.

So I’d gone to Best Buy the other day to pre-order to get that soundtrack CD, but they told me that they didn’t have it - that it would likely come on the day the game shipped, which sounded like bunk to me. I get the impression they’ll be shrugging their shoulders on the day and saying they didn’t get any. Too bad for me.

Not having much experience with pre-order bonus stuff - don’t they usually have it in advance, to hand over with the order?

So are people picking this up for PC or 360? I’m leaning towards PC (since it appears from what I’ve seen the release date is the same for both) but if there’s a compelling reason to go 360 I might switch over.

I’ve only preordered once from Best Buy and that was a looong time ago now. I think it was GRAW 2. At that time they had just come out with the cards to bring up to the register to preorder. When I arrived on the day of pickup I followed the instructions on the card and went to the customer service desk where they stared at me blankly. They were supposed to have set aside preorder copies up there, but apparently no one got that memo. I went to the aisle and grabbed I believe the very last copy of the game and brought it back. The clerk subtracted my $5 pre-order payment from the price and that was that. Since then I haven’t bothered. I have a feeling it’s improved quite a bit since then, but I really have no idea.

Anyway, to get to your question, it seems to me that BB usually has dummy cases that come with the preorder bonus right in there. I remember them having t-shirts for one of the recent Guitar Hero releases and of course they have the Nuka Cola bottle opener with the Fallout 3 preorders. So I’d expect if they’re going to have the Mercs 2 soundtrack preorder bonus, it would’ve been in the dummy case that you brought up to the cashier. Who knows though? Maybe you’ll be surprised and someone will actually know what the hell is going on when you go to pick it up.

Yeah, I’m not a fan of it because it normally seems stupid to front money on a game, but a soundtrack for a week’s advance on a payment I’d already intended to make seemed pretty good. Unfortunately, nobody in there had a clue how to handle the situation, or even how to begin to figure out how to handle the situation, though they all did agree that the circular assured there was a pre-order bonus. At which point it was already well past worth it. (I don’t even know what’s on this stupid soundtrack.)

Maybe I’ll take a second look at those boxes. Thanks, Steve.