When can I expect to find Xbox 360s

in general supply? Anyone know?

My family walked into my local Target at midday today and picked up a premium bundle just like that. There were a few more still available. I was tempted to pick one up for myself. It was pretty awesome.

I think in the next 4 weeks you will not be able to walk in a best buy and avoid tripping on one.

I know a good portion of the board will disagree, but I expect them to become plentiful by about the second week in January, maybe sooner. The Christmas urgency is over and they’ll move but not fly off the shelves.

Yeah I do disagree with that because I think it will be the first week.

For those in the So Fla area, I know that all best buy stores in Dade & Broward counties have XB360’s in stock. Both premium and core bundles. Why they aren’t out on the floor for sale, I don’t know. Expect them to be for sale in the next week or two though. Probably after the new year.

I’m picking up mine tomorrow.

Boy was I wrong. No visible X360’s to be seen or bought. Asking at Best Buy and CompUSA over lunch resulted in none in stock and no useful information on when to expect any.

Either demand is really great or supply is really poor. Or, I suppose, both. But with press reports indicating even MS is frustrated with the pace of production, probably the latter. Perhaps high-level assembly of finicky cutting edge parts is harder than anyone thought.

But as January moves along, retailers have yet to see evidence of shortages easing.

Xbox 360 chief Peter Moore explained, “Nothing’s perfect - you’ve got a complex piece of hardware that includes1,700 different parts. Every now and again the line will slow down because something’s happened and there’ll be a component that didn’t make it that morning.”

He added. “That’s just the way of the beast, particularly when you are ramping up factories from ground zero all the way up to full capacity.”

Full story: http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=1982&Itemid=2


Thought I’d throw that in there so I can claim firsties in this thread

Are there numbers for how many units were sold in Dec? Launch to 12/10 was something like 350k right? I wonder if they somehow managed to sold at least that much afterwards or if supply was so poor that it’s just a fraction of the first 2 weeks numbers.

I walked into a Besy Buy yesterday and asked, and the guy came out with a Premium system, last one they had, from the stockroom. Now, weeks ago I was contemplating sitting in line for one. But yesterday I’m looking at Call of Duty 2 and thinking “this is about the only game I want right now”. So it’s $460 to play one game. I told the guy to take it back to the stockroom.

Man, it both suprised me, shocked me, and made me happy at the same time. then I went over and looked at about 10 titles I was interested in for other systems I already own.

I’ll wait till they have the two game quota filled.


Apparently they sold about 1.3 million worldwide in the time through Christmas. They’ve revised their sales numbers downward. They will not meet 3 million by 90 days. They’re now saying 4.5 million by June.

I wonder if this is because of slower sales in Japan and Europe, or strictly supply problems.

I hear that the guys who work in those stores love fetching stuff from the stockroom and then being told to put it back.

Yeah I hate it when people change their minds.

Both. Systems are sitting on shelves in Japan and they’re having all kinds of problems making the system itself and getting them to stores. The “making the system” part is the real problem though.

Oh? Got some links on that?

Here’s one.

I read that one. All that says is “Parts are scarce”. That doesn’t say “all kinds of problems”, be it building the machine, or getting it to stores.