When companies that are the definition of wealth inequality fire people who like wealth inequality

Lulz. Can we just reach the point where we need a party badge in order to advance in the workplace and get it over with? Hopefully they can just start scouring and scraping what we express in various places to ensure that we’re not thinking the wrong thing, and re-educate us or send us to the tunnels if we’re not expressing appropriate double plus good thoughts.

He got fired for being an asshole? I mean, isn’t that what Republicans have cried for all along? Giving companies the ability to fire anyone for any reason at any time? I mean, that’s why they broke up the Unions.

Not gonna shed a tear for this baby.


Where do you see he was being an asshole? Does “having political views that aren’t yours” equal asshole now? If so, can conservative CEOs just start firing people who don’t like Trump?

We’re setting a dangerous precedent when your ability to make a living is linked to your political orientation. I’d rather not return to the Red Scare and blacklisting.

I would be skeptical of the WSJ framing. Outspoken conservative is how they put it. And there certainly is a track record of WSJ framing being… skewed.

Not saying it didn’t happen, just that I don’t trust the framing of the story.

I’d read he was baiting people on official Google internal forums and was asked to cut it out. He didn’t.

At any rate, maybe Republicans should change their crappy viewpoints on protecting jobs instead of feeding themselves to the Leopard.

Remember the last Google engineer who got fired because liberals are the real racists, and then it turned out he was a total piece of mysoginistic garbage?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

Boy that kid was something. I can see why others wouldn’t want to work with him after that. And by others I mean other people who are not garbage people themselves.

From the preview it seems kind of like “dog bites man”. If you’re a new employee and you’re escalating things with other employees to the point where HR has to step in, uhh, maybe not the brightest move and probably not a good sign for your continued employment. That’s in any environment.

I’d reserve full judgement until we’ve seen the full postings but so far it doesn’t seem like much of story.

If your response to a manager saying, “Yo, you’re coming on a bit strong on the boards. Tone it down a little, would you? This is still a workplace” is to REEEEEEEEEEEEE YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO, you probably shouldn’t be super surprised when it’s LinkedIn time shortly thereafter.

I mean, we don’t know that that’s the case. But I’ll give pretty good odds on the general outline being pretty close.

Yeah, this is my take.

The workplace isn’t the best place to start political arguments.

I mean, it’s not like he was ranting at people (at least from the article). He was participating in political discussions on Google message boards specifically set up for those discussions. He didn’t start them. He responded.

It just sounds like he wasn’t liberal.

I’d love to have more specific details about what he actually said, and what he was responding to.

I guess if Google has their own version of P&R they shouldn’t be surprised if it generates drama. They should also fire who ever decided to create that message board. What a terrible idea. :D

This sounds like a bad idea on the part of whomever made that.

I just googled it. The first two pages of results are all without fail right wing sources.
Probably not a stretch in thinking there’s more to the story here.


It’s part of their culture, but conservative can also just be code for thinking they can attack women and brown people with no consequences which is not… true. It would be interesting to see what he actually said.

I guess I have one paywall blocker working… I don’t know which of them did it, though. Sorry.

He says he disagrees with alt-right philosophy, which promotes white nationalism, and considers himself a mainstream Republican who supports President Trump.

Something, something, cognitive dissonance.

The article is basically his take, especially since Google refused to comment. And also,

Mr. Cernekee calls himself a whistleblower and has filed complaints with the National Labor Relations Board. Several were denied; the original is pending.

it’s likely he’s a bit of a snowflake.

What exactly did he write? If they were in line with some currently expressed Republican views, they would be deeply offensive, wouldn’t they?

Call me crazy, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Google doesn’t actually agree with that characterization. They may be wrong, and he may be right, but I’ll I’ve seen so far is less than one half of the story.

Google is smart enough to cover their asses. This dude went to right-wing mags to begger his case. I’m surprised anyone would come right out and say Google is at fault, without having an impartial source as post evidence.