When did you bail out of the J.Peterson Coma thread?

I held off from clicking on & reading it for reasons that should now be clear, but then I am a White Male Beta Milquetoast SJW with Crypto-Supremacist leanings. Fortunately for everyone not a CIO or Hiring Manager, though ;)

So I arrived late & got to 147/210, and was curious where others may have pulled the ripcord? Maybe we can do a statistical analysis when the sample size is statistically relevant :)

I keep reading it because I’m a fucking masochist. I didn’t even know who the fuck that Peterson guy was!

Yeah, let’s try to do better in this thread. Here is a joke from Reddit:

What has two arms, can’t talk, and crawls all over?

It was all the bidet talk that did it for me.

The only thing that would wash my ass properly would be a 1/32 size Yellowstone Geyser. YMMMV

I feel like I missed something but I don’t care enough to find out what it was.

Oh look, I just found a cool treasure in Divinity Original Sin 2.

you have chosen… wisely.

I need to know the answer to this now.

I left when TheSHEEP showed up.

Well, 10-12 month babies fit that description quite well.

How to Have Impossible Conversations: A Very Practical Guide by Dr. Peter Boghossian and Dr. James Lindsay is a phenomenal book.

They rightly point out, however, that not every conversation is worth having. Sometimes, people do more harm for their cause than good. Consider:

Making up crap: During the 1970s, Peter’s mentor, Portland State University psychology professor Dr. Frank Wesley, investigated why some US prisoners of war (POWs) defected to North Korea during the Korean War. His research showed that virtually all of the defectors came from a single US training camp. As part of their training, they had been taught that the North Koreans were cruel, heartless barbarians who despised the United States and single-mindedly sought its destruction. But when those POWs were shown kindness by their captors, their initial indoctrination unraveled. They became far more likely to defect than those POWs who either hadn’t been told anything about the North Koreans or had been given more neutral accounts of them.

When one chooses to portray another as worthy of having a grave defecated on (or being a beta whatever), and chooses to use rage and condescension as tools, I think it’s more likely that someone on the sidelines might just defect to the opposing viewpoint.

Regardless, those are probably not conversations worth having, especially online. Or at least not worth it to me. There’s not enough sincerity when it’s not in person, and it brings out the worst in people. Being brutally honest is a wicked trap when one comes to enjoy the brutality more than the honesty.

So I bailed after my last post. LOL. Whenever that was! Mid-thread?

I don’t know who this guy is. So I looked at it for awhile and didn’t comment.

I’ll tell you the best thing that ever, ever happened to me as a woman with experience that isn’t hypothetical or theoretical and knows I was absolutely undervalued at my last gig is going into a government position. Our salaries are posted. It’s the single best negotiation card I will ever have. I know what everyone makes, and I refused to accept the bottom.

Knowledge helps a lot and there are several inspirational stories out there about women who could finally for what they were worth by finding out what others make. We are undervalued all the time, often by men who keep telling themselves the gaps are fake.

I left only a few posts in, already fearing the effects from that short exposure.

And you wonder why so many employers try to make it illegal to discuss salaries. /s

It really is bull to try and hide those numbers. But there are several discussions and videos and etc. reminding women to talk about our salaries with each other to help each other out… and I do. I tell my girlfriends what i make. I want them to know what they’re worth, so when they have a chance they have at least an idea of what’s out there.

My situation is a little unique though because my COLA is extremely lower compared to the local folks and I put not a small amount of value in working from home all the time, so I keep those in mind when i negotiate.

When I managed to identify a few names I can safely ignore in the future.

I took aside a junior female developer who I was mentoring, more or less, a few years back and candidly told her what I and my peers were making in our more senior positions, what I had been making in her position years earlier, and how much she was worth. She wasn’t making that yet. Because my workplace doesn’t suck, I went to our supervisor and told him to give her a raise because we didn’t want to lose her, and after about a year she had been caught up. In our case though it was really because she had started as basically a student intern and only seen moderate raises YoY when if she had been hired at the experience level she was at then it would have been about 5-10k higher, not because she was female. We have a number of female managers where I’m at and they know to keep an eye out on this, and it was really just a supervisor swap to someone with less experience that didn’t proactively chase employee value and sort of just let the natural CoL raises happen instead.

That’s great.

Yeah one of the best ways to close gaps in the workplace is with information, and if the gaps don’t exist like some, usually men, claim, why are they so afraid of that information being out there? They know why… but they’ll still try and through out half-baked stats to support their position.

I’ve heard women just don’t negotiate well enough. /s

It’s their timidity.