When do the next generation GPUs drop?

Anyone have an idea when the next generation GPUs drop? The best I could find is maybe summer for AMD, and early next year for Nvidia.

Read the thread about upgrading a graphics card. Lots of info on this.

For nvidia we will get a paper launch this Friday and market availability in June, supposedly that is. Those will be the higher end GPUs (GP104), the x70 and x80 equivalents, with current gen memory (GDDR5).

Next year we will get a different revision, the GP100 with the next gen memory.

To be fair, it’s been feeling stranger and stranger to me I go to that thread about upgrading a video card to find out specific information about the upcoming 1070/1080 GTX cards - I think a separate thread was warranted, and was thinking about starting one myself.

Awesome! That’s the very info I keep hoping for when I hit the hardware category these days - I am eager to hear more about the event after (I assume) Friday when folks that attended can talk about it. I’m all ready to get a new card in June, the 1080GTX sounds like it’s going to be a pretty massive update to my aging 780GTX.

Typically there is no launch at “editor’s events”. During these events, tech journalists will be wined, dined, and briefed on the new hardware and likely given review samples, which will then be under NDA and embargoed for 1-2 weeks afterwards. Realistically I wouldn’t expect to hear anything solid until the next week, although there may be leaks.

Edit: Actually, it looks like they will be paper launching on May 6 to coincide with the Battlefield 5 announcement.

Great, getting ready to build a new system and wanted to hold off until these cards come out. The 1080 should be fine and I can upgrade in a couple years to one of the hbm cards. Will be my first nvidia card in a while. I’ve had amd going back to at least my crossfired hd 4850s in 2008. I’ve somehow managed to go 5 years without a new system, and this Dell xps 8100 is ready to be put to pasture. Poor thing has no side panel because I wedged a hd 7870 in it when BF4 came out, and the power supply is sitting on top of it.

You can build now, the 7870 will work in the new box, and unless you build a 5820 rather than Skylake, all desktops come with integrated graphics anyway.

The 1080 will be a very expensive card, depending on your monitor resolution you would probably be better off with a 1070 or even an AMD 480.

This is the monitor I was looking at: http://pcpartpicker.com/part/asus-monitor-pb278q

overall build I’ve been playing with in pcpartpicker (with 980ti currently in place of nextgen gpu): http://pcpartpicker.com/user/vyshka/saved/#view=hdzqqs

Yeah the 1070 is rumored to be faster than the 980ti, which will smoke 1440p. Really the GTX 970 is fine for 1440p, and the $200 Polaris 10 card should equal its performance. Unless you want to run max settings everywhere.

Regarding your build, I suggest getting a 1TB SATA 850 EVO rather than the 256MB PCI-e. It’s true that NVMe SSDs are incredibly fast, but you won’t actually notice the speed difference outside benchmarks while the extra space will be very welcome-- you can put all your games on the SSD. You could even get a 2TB 850 EVO and skip the magnetic hard drive entirely, unless you need to store tons of media.

I would also buy the win10 license on Kinguin.net for $20, or simply activate it with your old Windows key for free.

I ended up swapping out the m.2 for a 1TB 850 and dropped the 4TB hdd. I have a 2TB that the current system is using for windows right now that I can just move in to there to store
junk and the 1TB should be sufficient for everything else as long as I don’t try to install my entire steam catalog at once. And you’re a bad man for pointing out I could just build the system now and throw in the new card later this summer. :p

Unlike graphics cards, no real expectation that system prices will drop in the next 3 months. Skylake and its motherboards are relatively new, and DDR4 already dropped dramatically in price. Might as well build it now, no reason not to.

Should be built by the end of next week.

Still relatively happy with my 780 SLI. Still faster in SOME games than a single 980ti especially with SLI not working/scaling properly for the odd game. Guess I’ll wait for the single card 1080 to become cheap when 2080 comes out. I figure that will be 2 years?

Covered this earlier; prices never really drop. They stopped producing new 980ti GPUs now, and you can buy a 980ti for around $600, a slight discount. When the 1070/1080s come out, you won’t find 980tis for $400-- instead they simply will be unavailable new. You’ll have to hit the used market.

Yeah, they do a pretty good job keeping prices basically at the 200/350/550 range every upgrade cycle. And old cards don’t ever become “cheap” they stop being made. You might find an odd price drop, but it will be short-lived on limited inventory. Stocks of Nvidia cards are already getting more and more limited, as the companies usually slow/stop production early enough to not have extra cards sitting around.

I am really excited to get a 1070 later this year!!! Glad I was able to borrow a 670 to tide me over until then.

Yeah, I may upgrade to a 1080 and hand down my 970 to my kid. Of course, if I do that, I’ll likely feel compelled into upgrading his desktop because the CPU will be a massive bottleneck.

Although I too would love to upgrade something, has something happened to make it necessary? What is a 970 not good enough for…?

VR if it catches on, 4k… Anything more definite than that?

970 is perfectly fine for current-gen VR. The minimum VR spec is also what they actually target, because dropping below 90fps in VR makes you puke. But keep in mind that current-gen VR isn’t “retina” resolution-- the screen-door effect is very much present. Next-gen VR will be much higher resolution and the 970 won’t cut the mustard.

Aside from VR, it isn’t fast enough to run 1440p at flat-out max settings (other than DSR) at 60fps in some games, and it obviously can’t handle 4k either.

I have a 1440p monitor and a 970. It runs it pretty well, but it’s not uncommon for me to have to drop a couple settings here and there to get a stable/good framerate. I do plan to upgrade if I get a 4k monitor or a VR headset. While it runs 1440p, there’s not a lot of headroom at that resolution.

1440p is almost 2.1 million pixels while both the rift and vive are almost 2.6 million. Given the increased resolution plus the absolute need to maintain 90hz you are going to be taking a serious quality hit vs your normal 970 experience.

The good news with the 970 is you can just launch every VR game right now and it’s going to work and look about as good as it can. Every time I have fiddled with the graphics settings I have regretted it. The penalties for falling below 90hz without VR can be unnoticeable, the penalty with VR is at best an ‘oh that’s not right’ all the way to