When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Is it wrong that I want to punch this thumbnail in the throat?


He’s hiding from the Nvidia death squads.


Seems to me he’s talking a lot about how it’s going to be beneficial for level designers… Not sure why I would pay extra for that feature.


You’ve never been more right. YouTube thumbnails are the most awful aesthetic in the world.


After the latest benchmarks, I just got a 1080 Ti (for around $100 cheaper than a 2080).



As Golem reported, contact and sun shadows – calculated with two beams per pixel and with also including noise rejection – require 2.3ms per frame and the reflections require 4.4 ms per frame. As for the Global denoising lighting, it requires an additional 2.5ms. As such, we are basically looking at a 9.2ms performance overhead for the real-time ray tracing effects that Remedy will implement in – most likely – Control.

Those numbers are from a 2080 TI at 1080p.


Well, you’ve got 16.67ms to render each frame, so that leaves 7.5ms for the rest of the frame. If a set of hardware can play your game at 1080p locked at 144fps with ray-tracing turned off, that ought to be OK. Otherwise, not.


No word on raytrace performance for the 2070 yet, correct?


Nope. :D

More benchmarks of games.


Can’t wait to see the 1440p results.


As with all of these PC manufacturers.

I would be extra wary of anything that does not list a manufacturer,

That RTX 2080 card is likely going not going to be an FE card, and will probably be from some here-to-undheard-of manufacturer out of china with questionable QC.

I got my last PC through cyberpowerpc, and the powercolor gfx card was so bad it overheated and broke my mobo, and powercolor sent out 2 seperate replacement cards that were DOA.

I would spend the extra $$ if it is an option to get an MSI, gigabyte or ASUS level gfx card rather than the dealer’s choice option.


Well I don’t buy pre-builts, someone asked about it earlier. This is mostly a price comparison. I had said we will start seeing the new cards in these builds at not terrible prices and by the time the holiday season hits these will be there and so will the free upgrades. The upgrades, which are often “free” will often be for named brand items.

It’s a viable route for anyone to take. And besides that, I wouldn’t really chose ADATA as my harddrive manufacturer anyway, even if it is named. For that card and an Asrock board with a 8700k, the price point isn’t bad at all. You could do a lot worse for more money even.


I’ve read a number of horror stories about that iBuyPower outfit.


“Its basically whatever we can get, mostly MSI and Gigabyte cards since they rolled in first. As far as I know there are no founders 2080ti in the mix because they were delayed later than the 3rd party cooler types.”

You’re at their mercy, but it’s not like they’re digging through the dumpster for RTX cards.


Yeah but is there one you have’t heard a horror story about. I’ve got one for Alienware. I mean you usually hear from the people who are not happy, and if you want to spend 3-4k you can go to the ones that custom spray the sides of their cases but I assume if someone wanted to spend 3-4k they wouldn’t be looking at a system like this.


I would expect the dumpster diving to begin next year, once the cards have been out a lot longer and more manufacturers are making cards.


Wait, the Founder’s Editions have been delayed? The only justification for their higher price was that they would release first!


I’d love to know the equivalent times to do the same thing with traditional GPUs. Only out of curiosity.


Guys talk me out of buying a 2080 FE for $720 + taxes. I have a Best buy coupon. I’m currently sporting a 980ti and can maybe get $200 for it. I play at 1440p.


Thats like a 60% performance bump. :)