When do the next generation GPUs drop?


so net 520, you want to be talked out of it you say, ummm…


You guys are all jerks :p


I could tell you to wait until the holidays but it’s really a crapshot with nVidia these days. Who the heck knows anymore? nVidia might be kicking puppies and giving out coal instead of sales.


It’s not easy buying green.


It is not easy buying red either, because at the top end, or even near top end, the red team isn’t competing. I can’t even find Vega 56 locally. Double u tee eff.


I see what you did there. Nice.


Such a good deal I would get two and NVLink em.


There’s this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSGpDMK6xxQ&feature=youtu.be

I saw a much better video showing the star wars RT demo between 1080s and 2080s during launch but I can’t find it now.


Well you guys are all jerks, I picked up a RTX 2080 today. Anybody want to buy a 980Ti?

Edit: it doesn’t play nice with my 27" Korean monitor, I either have to buy a $90 active adaptor or a new monitor. Choices, choices!


This thread was made for you:


So I bought one of these:




Will holes be drilled, for extra FPS? :)

Chappers next week when gaming:



I just looked that up. edit: broken link fixed.
Um, slightly more expensive than a $90 adaptor. WTH is wrong with you?!?

j/k I’d have done the same thing. You get to keep your PC Gamer card. Keep up this behavior, and soon you will have the PC Gamer Gold Card, just like @BrianRubin.


We all aspire to be Rubinesque.


I’m flattered. ;)


I think that’s the one I got last year. Love it to pieces.


I think that’s the one I just got. It’s lovely!


LOL. I have a similarly spec’d Acer 1440p, IPS Gsync hooked up to a new card as well. I’m such a loser.


Why is that Acer $100 cheaper with similar specs? Is it the same panel?


I don’t know why the current one is cheaper. The Acer I own, XB270HU, I’ve had for over a year, and believe it’s been discontinued.