When do the next generation GPUs drop?


2080ti under a grand:


This was $1199 a day ago right?

Nothing like that $200 price drop a month after release.

Wait no, its actually a new card with the cheapest cooler possible.


I’m curious as to your evaluation of the cooling system. Do you know something about these fans in particular?


Its not the fans it the heatsink. This new cheaper card doesn’t appear to use the iCX heatsink.


Well that’s a shame.



I deliberately didn’t post that link, didn’t want to make Brubin cry.


Pretty shaky article. Unless I missed something, the whole premise was based on reading forum threads, rather than any actual return numbers.


Is this something that is typically shared by a company?


My guess is people are being more vocal about their failing $1200+ dollar cards.


I’d definitely bitch. When I thought my hdmi port might be flaky on this 2080 last weekend I was ready to bitch. :)


What was the issue with it? I returned my 2080 due to a HDMI port issue ,after trying like 15 cables and 3 screens.


I was having issues with my rift when trying to play elite and dcs world, it was stuttering, lagging, freezing, and would complain about no HDMI connection. It turned out to be the Razer Cortex software I’d installed a couple months ago either doing something funky with the power plan, or was removing something from memory it shouldn’t have. Uninstalling that solved my problems.


Alright I’m good till 2023 =)


That was my plan as well.


What the actual hell is that. How do you make it stop?


Turn off the app or change it to be clear…


You…did that on purpose?


That’s only the default IBP one. I put on some that are way more to my taste, nebulas and other space stuff. Plus a boba fett one in the mix =)