When do the next generation GPUs drop?


What in the world are the 15% of the people who scored higher than that running?!


Water cooling I’m assuming.

Here’s my new wallpaper:



Got any flying toasters? That’d be cool



This made me laugh out loud.


I loved After Dark, man. Still miss it.


What is that crazy case with a display window?


That case is crazy cool!

I’m still waiting on my i9-9900K. (Intel apparently made about 700 of the damn things.) 2080Ti’s rocking alone nicely, though.


One of my colleagues got a Geforce 2070 for his work PC. It’s the one person in the office running Windows 8.1. Turns out that there’s driver support for Windows 7 and Windows 10, but none for 8/8.1? Go figure.


The Windows 7 driver should work fine for 8.1.



Impressive card even if calling it a “graphics” card is a misnomer. :p

Power usage still high (seems to be an intrinsic part of Vega architecture) but hope springs eternal for Navi.



That multi-monitor issue that they can reproduce 100% of the time is pretty terrible. How did this pass testing and validation at Nvidia?


Their QA department, probably:



Nvidia’s driver department is scary. In fact I always stay a driver behind specifically because their testing is so terrible. They’ve released drivers too often that have destroyed fan profiles, fried cards. They’re so focused on game ready profiles for new releases that it feels like everything else gets demoted on the ladder of importance.


I’m one of those awful gamers. I update the driver on new hardware install or if I am having a problem. I’m usually several months behind as a result and usually miss new disasters.


Same here, though I don’t recall ever having a problem with a WHQL driver.


I generally don’t upgrade until I am forced, like yesterday when Battlefield V insisted I use the latest driver.


I’m the opposite, a new driver is like Christmas! Gimme gimme!