When do the next generation GPUs drop?


RTX != DXR. Microsoft controls DXR and probably tied to a DirectX/Windows update (thus delayed) but no games that I know of have even pledged support for it. DXR is cross platform and theoretically AMD compatible too.

There’s nothing in a windows update that’s blocking RTX. That’s all Nvidia and/or game devs.


That’s what the rumors have been saying, anyway. They took raytracing out of BF5 due to the delayed windows update.


BFV will be using it:


$279 with a bundle of The Division 2, RE2 Remake, and Devil May Cry 5.


Since it’s using DXR and not RTX APIs AMD’s next card will hopefully be able to do it as well.


This is now the third refresh of the RX-480 in a row. Remember, the RX-480 retailed at MSRP of $199-- in 2016.

The first refresh, the RX-580 was pretty much the same chip just clocked higher, so it sucked down power and ran hot. This one is a smaller process so it clocks even higher and should run cooler. At $279 it will put a bit of hurt on the GTX1060. But it’s really a shame how prices keep creeping up.


Nice , nothing better than getting a sweet 2080ti for Ultra settings 4k60+fps, then turning on the DXR for the buttery smooth 20-30fps.


Re Battlefield, the $1200-$1500 2080ti can handle 1080p with ray-tracing on full, and it looks like that setting was specifically designed for the 2080ti to hit 60fps. 1440p and 4k are unplayable, 40fps or lower.

The 2080, which remember is an $800-$900 videocard, cannot do 1080p at 60fps with raytracing on max. It tops out at 48fps. Might be OK if you have a g-sync monitor. Or more likely you set ray-tracing to medium, which was obviously designed for the 2080 to hit 60fps at 1080p.

And then the RTX 2070, a $600 videocard, for the cheap bastards who can’t blow a G on a GPU. Seems like such a short time ago that $600 was a shitton of money for a videocard, doesn’t it? But I digress. The RTX 2070 can’t make 60fps at 1080p even with raytracing on low. Playable with a g-sync monitor, perhaps. Otherwise no.

I look forward to enjoying ray-tracing in the next generation, or perhaps the one after that, when Nvidia gets their pricing under control and offers some serious performance improvements.


40fps is unplayable? On a G-sync monitor?


Those are average framerates, so you’ll see rates much lower than that. At 1440p with a 2080ti you’ll probably want to go down to low ray-tracing quality. 4k is under 40fps and probably not OK.


Yea I’m sure people payed 1200+ for a card to run it at 1080p…if this is any way indicative of the price raytracing takes then this will be a flop and show we’re still many many years from true real time ray tracing. Maybe when they get 3nm working and can make 50 billion transistor GPUs…


I dunno, image quality trumps resolution every time. I wouldn’t go below 1080p, but if it can handle 1080p at 60fps, that’s really the minimum I would accept. They just need to get prices way down because I have great confidence that $1200-$1500 is not a price the mass-market will accept for a video card.


I hear you. I’m an enthusiast who splurged on a GTX 1080 when they came out. I’m not even touching the 20-series. If my card died tomorrow, I’d try to score a 1080ti or something like that.


Yep, I got a 1080 on launch also. It was expensive, but the performance was there.

If my 1080 died today I would go for a 1080ti, but they won’t be available new in another month or two. So the only upgrade would be a 2080.


I am glad to hear there is a 1060 competitor that is reasonably priced. If my 1060 died, I can at least hit up the new AMD card. Prices are creeping up, but at least they are giving some games away with it, to take the sting off a bit.


I don’t see the image quality increase that comes even remotely close to buying a 1000+ video card for it in BF V. I see a company trying to manufacturer interest with promises and PR with Nvidia. But hey if someone wants to drop a grand on it then it’s their cash or credit.


For it to be worth $1000, there would have to be some sort of a hole for me to put my ding-dong in. They need to drop prices and improve performance. The 20 series is a dog, hopefully they’ll do a 25 series refresh rather than letting it sit for 2 years until the 30 comes along.


I picked up the 2080 for $720 + taxes, it was around the same price as a 1080Ti at the time with similar performance so I might as well get the extra features if they ever get implemented properly.


And I got Chappers’ old 980 Ti. Which, I believe, is the same tier in the Tom’s GPU Hierarchy Chart as the GTX 1070, so it should be better or as good as this ATI RX 590 that’s coming out, I think?


AMD is doing nothing with the Vega stuff?