When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Ahh, yeah, in that case freesync will help a lot. You might find 4k playable, assuming your framerates don’t drop below the freesync range of your monitors.


4K scales down to 1080p pretty easily. You lose the crazy high-rez, but you gain ridiculous frame rates. And on really demanding games, it still turns out butter-smooth with Freesync.


4k scales down to 1080p perfectly, in fact. It’s pixel-perfect, each pixel is 4 pixels.


From what I read that’s theoretical, but most monitors don’t support direct scaling so they use the same scaling they use to go from 4k to 1440p to go from 4k to 1080p. I forgot what the term was called.


You know I looked it up and you’re 100% correct. What we want is nearest-neighbor integer upscaling, and both Nvidia and AMD drivers only do bicubic upscaling, which adds a blurring effect and is not pixel-perfect.

Thanks for pointing that out, as I’ve been saying that 2x2 pixel thing for years and nobody ever corrected me.


I just regurgitate what I read on the internet :)


That explains why 1080p has always felt a little off when I’ve tried it on this 4k monitor.


So, in that case is 1440p less blurry than 1080p on a 4k?


Too many variables for a hard/fast rule. Depends on the game, your GPU, your drivers, and your monitor. You need to try it and see which you prefer on your specific configuration.


One of my long-standing dreams for monitor technology. Maybe next decade.


It would be completely trivial to add this functionality to drivers or monitors. Frustrating!


This guy has made it his personal quest: http://tanalin.com/en/articles/lossless-scaling/


I’ve been thinking about it for a while, fwiw, but never got around to it. 😁


RTX 2080 for $650:


Thats the card I had with the bad HDMI port. And then returned while they were OOS so I couldn’t get a replacement. :|

But the price is waaaay better… Do I dare try again?

Its pretty much a 1080ti performance + card. RTX is useless this gen from what I’ve seen with BF V performance numbers. And I don’t think any game has DLSS enabled yet

Ah no worries, the Ebay coupon code expired. :D


Nvidia continues their profoundly disappointing 20-series with the GTX2060, which is 5% slower than a GTX1070.

Typically you expect the x60 to be roughly equal to the x70 of the previous generation. The GTX1060 was a particularly good card as it’s 10% faster than the GTX970. This is why Nvidia’s 10-series dominated the market and why the 20-series sucks goat nuts.


Damn. If any other Canadians here, best buy has the 1070 for $349, sold out online and in nearby stores. But an amazing price probably worth checking your local store for.


Seriously. I’m really looking to upgrade my GTX 1080, but the only real upgrade path for me is the 2080ti. And forget spending $1300 on a single-step GPU upgrade. I won’t give a crap about RTX for the next couple years minimum, and even then I won’t be running it on the 20 series due to the performance hit.

I’m really hoping AMD can do something, because Nvidia’s latest offerings are abysmal.


I got a GTX 1070 for $370 along with a free game in Feb of 2017. It’s sad that $350 this many months later is a great price.


Pretty soon there won’t be any left.