When do the next generation GPUs drop?


$350 CAD is $265 USD… and your point still holds to an extent!


I glossed right over that word and focused on the #s. So at least $265 is a $100 price drop.


It’s about time for me to replace my six (or more?) year old GPU. I’m generally go for the low- to medium-range because I’m a couple years behind on game acquisitions, so might as well save on the graphics cards, too.

(Without having read the preceding 3000 posts…) What do people recommend these days? Any good Black Friday deals?


Do you have a budget?


What’s your entire system? No need getting a new GPU if it’s going to be CPU-starved.


You can get some ideas from here:

I have a i5_4590k at 4Ghz with an RTX 2080. I’m not getting any significant CPU bottleneck issues as far as I know. As long as your CPU is from the last 5 years then you should still see a significant upgrade from a new graphics card.


I got a new CPU/Mobo a year ago; it wasn’t too expensive (for the same reason)–i5 I think? I can pull it up.

Edit: i3-7100, so nothing special at all (but it was only a hundred bucks).

My current GPU overheats when it gets too excited. This started a year or two ago (I was playing Rebel Galaxy, for the record) and now it’s two years at least out of warranty. I’ve been playing less intensive games since then (currently RimWorld) but I just picked up Total Warhammer, so I figure it’s time.

I don’t have a budget specifically, but let’s say under $200.


In the last seven or eight years, it doesn’t seem like CPU changes have been as dramatic as GPU changes. I recently upgraded a Radeon HD6970 to a GTX1070Ti and saw massive benefits across the board even in notionally CPU-bound games like DCS, despite leaving the 2011-vintage i5 2500K in place.



Indeed, thanks! I am leaning towards the RX 570 8GB for$150.


I’m slightly worried that Amd is going to target mid range tier, and then in 2020 when Intel joins the fray they affect AMDs market share more than Nvidias (especially since they have been taking a lot of AMDs talent lately). We could end up emboldening Nokia’s position, especially at the high end.


The upside of the Radeon cards (I run a RX580 with a Ryzen 7 1700X CPU) is that you can pair the system with a FreeSync monitor rather than a GSync monitor. The savings there can be hundreds of dollars. This is often overlooked in comparisons between the two vendors.


That’s definitely true. Unfortunately, for my current needs, I’m not looking so much to save a couple hundred bucks as I am looking to push performance. I’m willing to pay a Nvidia tax to a degree, just not something ludicrous like the 2080ti.

I swore off AMD because every time I’ve owned one of their cards (three or four total over the years, I believe) I’ve had nothing but problems and disappointing performance, usually due to their drivers. I’m so disappointed with the the RTX’s price/performance ratio I’m ripe to take a gamble on them again, but currently they don’t have anything available in their lineup for me to upgrade to (I’m on a GTX 1080 right now).


I for one am looking forward to my next Nokia GPU.


Apparently this is out of stock now. Yikes!


You can get an 8GB RX-580 for $200, which is exactly what you should do.

Note this includes Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry 5, and The Division 2. It’s a helluva bundle.


I think I might go for this one because (1) there’s a $15 off coupon, so why not, and (2) I generally try to avoid Amazon for my own silly reasons.

Edit: link: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814126199&ignorebbr=1

Edit 2: It’s an ASUS (newegg) vs Gigabyte AORUS (Amazon). I really have no clue as to the difference but I doubt it would matter much to me.


I did find a 1070 Ti for less than $400 and picked it up (wanted to give my 970 to my wife to replace her 670 anyhow). Makes quite a difference in what I’ve tried so far, and it’s good enough that I might just swap out my mobo and cpu/ram and soldier on, or just keep what I have until something breaks.


There is no difference, the Asus one is perfectly fine. Trick is not to buy the 4GB model, and that isn’t. Go for it.


This 1070ti was $379 on Amazon on Wednesday. I didn’t grab it, hoping there would be a better deal today.

Now it’s $450

I’ve got a 970 and a 2k monitor. The 970 struggles just enough at that resolution that I’d like an upgrade but the 2xxx series is priced stupidly and only the 1070ti or 1080 are enough of an upgrade to be worth the cost.

I was holding out hope for the 2060 but stusser’s link makes me wonder if that’s going to be much of an upgrade over the 970.

I don’t really pay any attention to AMD’s offerings but if they have a ~$300 card that’s capable of playing games at high quality on a 2k screen I may buy a non-nvidia card for the first time in over a decade