When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Jeez, in the time it took us to have lunch the Asus one sold out. There was a seemingly equivalent MSI 8GB model, so I went with that one (also $200, also with a discount code, and with a $20 mail in (we’ll see if that happens)). And on top of that newegg gave me an error message after I clicked submit, so I did the thing you’re not supposed to do and refreshed the page, and it seems like the order got placed (once).


AMD side, you’ll probably want a Vega 56 for high quality 60fps at 1440p. It’s roughly equivalent to a GTX1070, but works with Freesync and uses more power. Newegg has one on sale for $340. If you want something closer to a GTX1070ti, they have a Vega64 for $400.

Both cards do qualify for that fantastic AMD 3 game bundle.


The 1070ti I picked up a few weeks ago for 350 might be a keeper it seems. It’s the blower edition so I wasn’t sure but… grrr. Might just install tomorrow and call it good, stop looking for a year or so.


Are people seriously buying this shit?

I know it’s nothing new, but seriously, what the fuck? $1600+ for a GPU modestly faster than a 1080ti? That is obscene.


it sure is purrrty though.


Did you look at this:


Alas, I’ve already made my purchase. But at $210 it’s only ten bucks more than what I spent… How does it stack against the RX 580?


They are similar, the 1060 is a lot more efficient though and you get free monster hunter world if you care about that. There’s also a $20 mail in rebate as well for this and no tax for most states.


Yep, comparable performance but it uses a lot less power, generates less heat, and doesn’t work with freesync. And a much weaker bundle.


Until it dies on you.


So I finally broke and bought the Zotac 2080 here for $699 with Battlefield whatever.

I really prefer EVGA but the price difference for a tiny less performance was like $150. Not going to overclock at all. I am fine with a 2 year warranty, as long as they actually fix anything that goes wrong in that time period.

Currently have 2 SLI Zotac 970 gtx and have been happy with them, minus SLI being hot garbage most of the time. Feels like I am paying more than full price for a 1080ti well after they were released, but I guess DLSS isn’t a total bust.

If it wasn’t for VR I think I could have stayed strong. But I really want to check out Skyrim VR and other more demanding titles that the 970 just struggles with.


I sincerely hope your experience with Zotac is better than mine.


Me too. As I said I have had good luck with them before, including my last two 970s.

If they try and fuck me over I know I can use my CC protection - its covered me in the past like with the Oculus rift. Worst I think that would happen is I would just lose out on time - which is fine for me. I have the older video cards if I need to fall back for awhile.


2070’s now starting to show up and also dying.


Man, Nvidia couldn’t really do a much bigger job of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory on this gen.


Lol the Vega 64 blower cards are quite loud. Good thing I’ve been gaming more and more with my headphones instead of my speakers.


Yeah this is dumb, the noise level is just ridiculous. I never noticed the 1080 during load. I’m not sure if it’s just because of the Blower or what but Freesync isn’t worth it. I’ll just keep games down to 1440p (I can’t tell the difference between that and 4k apparently) and just make sure I’m always at 60fps with fast sync on.

Also it’s crazy that my 1080 never got above 70C yet the Vega games at 85C (and is probably throttling).


Yeah, AMD cards have to run really hot to get the performance they do.


AMD has performance per dollar, Nvidia has performance per watt. Neither are especially satisfying right now.


At certain levels, AMD is indeed cheaper than Nvidia, and the RX-580 is one of those levels.

The Vegas weren’t, but once the 1070, 1070ti, and 1080 are unavailable they will be more attractive. Right now you can buy a 1070ti cheaper than a Vega 56, and it will perform better, using less power, generating less heat. It performs nearly as well as a Vega 64 too, for that matter, for a lot less money.

The RTX 2060 is 6% slower than the GTX 1070 non-ti, and the RTX 2070 10% faster than a GTX 1080. The RTX 2070 MSRP is $500, and you’ll probably pay closer to $600 for overclocked variants. We don’t know the 2060 MSRP yet. If it’s $350, it will be a great card. If it’s $400, it’s shit.