When do the next generation GPUs drop?


So if I have a GTX 970 and would like better 1440 / 2160 performance, and generally limit my GPU budget to around $250-$300, is this a good time to buy, and what is the best choice?

Also, I have an i5 4440. Would this be a major performance bottleneck if I were to buy a better video card?


I would suggest the RTX2060. A bit over your budget, but it’s the card to get today.

Yes, your CPU will be a constraint in some games, and not in others. But it should be fine.


Looking over the Radeon 7 stuff that was put out, are more games really needing more than 8gb of memory on a constant basis? They use the Battlefield series as an example, but I’ve been running BF5 fine at 4k. with a few settings turned down.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what this does for pricing of the RTX 2080. Once we see side by side performance numbers. Also if the GTX1180 turns out to be true, and performs on par with the Radeon 7 at say $100 less price. The Radeon card might be DOA.

Thinking more on the GTX1180 it seems like Nvidia would be hurting its own RTX adoption numbers if its on par with the RTX2080 minus the RTX DLSS features.


6GB is fine at 1440p, and the Radeon7 isn’t fast enough for 4k anyway.


It looks like a lot of notebooks that previously maxed out with 1070 “Max Q” parts are being updated with 2080 versions this cycle, which sounds like a pretty big generational update.

The Razer Blade has enough quality-of-life fixes coming on top of the performance boost that I’m probably going to sell my current-gen model this weekend in preparation. I may even have to reconsider which brand to go with – lots of interesting models popped up at CES.


Yes, that’s a very large performance improvement.


I find that 1180 rumour hard to believe. I want it to be true though.


I’m with you there, Alistair. I just don’t see it making business sense for Nvidia, especially after AMD has publicly stated they have raytracing in development as well.

I could see an 11-series card targeted at the previous 1050/1050ti range. But performance that rivals the 2080, at presumably a reduced cost? That just seems to undercut their entire strategy this generation. I mean, I’d be all over it, but…


I do have to say that upgrading from a 970 to the 1070ti has been very worthwhile. Pretty much every GPU related hitch or slowdown I had before has gone away, and the card just handles things very well on my modest-spec system. And the 970 went to my wife to replace her 670, so she’s happy too. Win/win.



Yeah I’m really happy with my 1070ti and when I bought it. The 2060 is slightly faster and $40 cheaper than what I paid 3 months ago. Sounds nice!


I did the same upgrade. I’m pleased with it although I do feel that the 1070ti runs a bit louder when I’m playing TW Warhammer II.


Mine is quieter than my old card, but the old card was a Zotac and the new one is an EVGA, so that may have something to do with it. And, um, I always play with headphones, so I probably couldn’t hear it anyhow.


Not the best setup to test raytracing but I think a fair attempt overall. Mixed results to say the least.


Anybody try adaptive sync on their freesync monitor with their Nvidia card yet using today’s driver release? You need a 10-series card or newer.


Just tested it with the Nvidia Pendulum demo with my 1080 and my LG 27" 4k monitors, both successfully removed tearing after enabling even with it not being “G-Sync Compatible”.

Happy dance time.


Be sure to test at <30fps to see if it exhibits black flashing.


That demo is freaking horrible on my ASUS MG28UQ. G-sync enabled is the worst looking of the 3 options.


No black flashing here, everything seems normal when I dropped it to 20 fps

The demo is funky. One time it completely flipped out and the pendulum was jutting back and forth for some reason. I then closed it and reopened it and it started working normally and I couldn’t reproduce it.


I was getting what seemed like a combination of tearing and stuttering