When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Nah, Nvidia has a pretty long list of games coming out over the next couple of months with DLSS. The list with ray-tracing is much shorter.

Now if games continue to release without DLSS or RTX enabled, that would be a real red flag.


Interesting that Metro, which is the only one of these games I’ll see, is down as supporting RTX but not DLSS as far as I can see.


Metro runs their proprietary engine, they probably just didn’t add support for it.


Still no RTX or DLSS for Shadow of the Tomb Raider, its been like forever now.


Not true, Final Fantasy XV now has support in the game. I think they call it beta support, whatever that means. It works now as long as you are running in 4k.

There are a bunch of youtube comparisons up but the short is to me it looks as good or better in most cases than other forms of AA (minus pure supersampling) except in the case where it adds a terrible shimmer effect with certain geometry like fences. It’s really obnoxious, and would prevent me from using it. Not sure if that will be fixed or not. If so then if you game in 4k it’s something I would definitely take advantage of.

Unfortunately for me it’s useless, since I now game on an ultrawide.


DLSS doesn’t work on ultrawide? Interesting, I didn’t know that. Seems like something Nvidia will be wanting to add in driver updates in the future?


DLSS only works on what ever image resolution they run the AI algorithm on, which is just 4k. So they could do the machine learning on 1440p UW by picking a quarter resolution I guess and upscaling that but I don’t see it happening.

Apparently it’s possible to run the game at 5120x2160 with DLSS but uh, hope you got a 2080ti.


Hmmm, well hopefully they do! All I know is that after getting an ultrawide monitor for the first time this Christmas, I’m never going back.


More importantly DLSS renders the game at 1440p and upscales from there. Therefore it can’t change aspect ratio in the upscaling process.


I’m giving up on trying to get freesync to work with nvidia. I night throw an amd card in to see if the same problems exist there when using it, but other than that just going to wait until the next monitor refresh. I’ve tried various solutions people have online, but it just looks like poo compared to just letting the 2080 do its thing.


DLSS isn’t even AA. It’s reconstruction and produces an image that is clearly inferior to running at native 4K without it. What you’re noticing is a case where the algorithm breaks down on certain elements because AI training on a supercomputer can’t actually prepare it for all possible views in a real game.There are definitely situations where other reconstruction techniques already in use on console can produce superior results because they are temporally aware using normal shader hardware compared to using a machine learned best guess approach that required specialized tensor cores.




Next up - Pong RTX


Heh, I always forget how much Q2 overused colored lights, as they were new technology at the time. Every room looks like a club scene from Blade.


So strange that I didn’t like Quake 2 at all when it was released (though I did finish it - nowadays I can’t picture finishing a game that I’m not loving), but what turned me around on it was years later when I played it on a modded Xbox using a controller. It really played way better with a controller than with a mouse and keyboard, which is very strange since it was designed for the latter.

It’s also neat that we got a straight up sequel to Quake 2 that was actually pretty fantastic. (Quake 4). I hope one day Quake 5 comes out as a sequel to the original Quake.


I’m not sure my TNT2 can handle that.


I think you said the same about Skyrim and the controller. I think you just like gamepads :)

And is it me or does Quake 2 look better than the current crop of retro shooters?


I mean, while that’s true, it was surprising at the time. Remember this was 2002 or 2003, the idea of a first person shooter playing better using a controller was pretty foreign.

The people who did the modded Xbox controls did a really good translation. Remember this wasn’t a port. I was literally putting my Quake 2 PC CD in my Xbox’s drive to install and run the game, but with the modded Xbox wrapper that converted the Xbox inputs into mouse inputs for the game.



It’s still foreign in 2019, bud.