When do the next generation GPUs drop?


The current crop of retro shooters are still mimicking 1996. We need to wait another year for the kids who grew up on 1997 games to make retro titles from that year!


I dunno, Dusk is the premiere Quake2 retro shooter today, and it doesn’t overuse colored lighting to the same extent. I mean it does absolutely overuse colored lights, just not as much as Q2.


I ended up biting on a 2060. Granted I haven’t paid attention to the GPU market in a few years but I was surprised to see that almost all of the cards came with the 1 HDMI / 3 DP output config. Both my TV and my monitor lack Displayport, so I wound up getting an eVGA model because it was the only base priced card that differed and had at least a DVI in place of one of the DP, so I can hook both screens up.


I ordered an Alienware Area 51m. With a 2080 in a 17 inch laptop, I’m surprised they didn’t go with a 1440P or better resolution — they’re all 1080P (up to 144hz w/gsync at least). We’ll see how it goes. I’ve realized that my eyes don’t appreciate 15” screens anymore.


This one:


My 2060 Founders Edition has 1x DVI-D, 1x HDMI and 2x Displayport - it’s also v.quiet, runs cool and overclocked nicely.


More rumours re 1660 cards incoming…


I’m curious as to where the 1660 and 1660 Ti land in terms of price. They probably want the discount, compared to the 2060, to be small enough that people still choose to pick the higher model.


Not at all, they will just offer lower performance. This is Nvidia extending Turing down the stack.


20% greater performance for the 1660 over 1060 apparently.


Ibuypower Snowblind case. It roooles


That sounds about right, would put it well behind the 2060 and slightly behind a 1070. Would make a lot of sense coming in at $250, which means Nvidia will price it at $299.


I’m delighted with me FE RTX 2060 so far, it uses about 60-70w less than my R9 290x, probably doubled framerate in some games, and it’s not much louder.


does the 2060 run hot? The goal for my next rig is ability to run PS5 games equal to or better than the PS5, and not too much heat. I’m probably holding off until next-gen gets announced to start really looking around.


~62c or so when I’m running a stress test on furmark + prime 95. I have 5 140mm case fans though, so YMMV


Shocker: Turing isn’t selling at insanely high pricing.



Yes! I’m relieved the market seems to have responded to the ludicrous price increases we’ve seen this generation. Hopefully they force a correction in MSRP.



I’d be all over a 2080ti @ $799.


The 1080ti launched at $699. That is a VERY EXPENSIVE VIDEO CARD. They shouldn’t charge more than that. The market has spoken here.


As a consumer I feel a graphics card should definitely be cheaper than a games console (& ideally less than 350$). Considering the rest of the rig will not be cheap either, spending 700$ on a card is just not an option.