When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Supposedly for very specific workloads (8K video rendering) it’s faster, so they’re going for the home 8K video editor that also likes to game. Seems like a small niche to me.


The Radeon7 makes sense if you do machine learning, rendering media, etc.

If you’re just a gamer, don’t buy it under any circumstances. It’s louder, hotter, and slightly slower than the RTX2080 for the same price. And while ray-tracing and DLSS is underwhelming so far, I’d rather have 'em than not.


Apparently Metro Exodus is looking to be the premier RTX game, utilizing both ray tracing and DLSS for 4k ray tracing goodness.


Well, “4k”. Not 4k.

DLSS works hand-in-hand with RTX, because it reduces the resolution.


Sounds like AMD alright.


It’s super frustrating to see AMD completely unable to capitalize on a golden opportunity here. Of course, Nvidia probably knew they wouldn’t be able to, hence the RTX robbery.


Yeah. Be nice to see them put a little pressure on.


So, still slower than my 1080 Ti. What’s the point?


It’s pretty great for machine learning, rendering offload, scientific calculation, etc. Don’t buy it exclusively to game.


Stusser, with the advice we really need


Haven’t read either review but these guys say the DLSS support sucks…



DLSS exists because Nvidia’s GPUs aren’t fast enough to play games at ultra quality with raytracing active at resolutions higher than 1080p. DLSS fixes that, but it ain’t magic, it’s another trick like checkerboard rendering.


That, and they put all these pro features like tensor cores which have no use for games otherwise, so they’re using them in a marketing feature that’s a technical dead end because it’s so limited.


The 1660Ti drops today, MSRP of $279. Benches comparably to the 1070.



Yep, this is pretty much what the 20-series should have been the whole time. Now they just need to release properly priced 1670s and 1680s and we’ll be back on track.


Still trying to decide on the best upgrade from my GTX970 for gaming at 1440p.

I held off from getting a RTX2060 to see how the GTX1660 would compare. It seems be be ~20% slower at 1440p and has the potential to be more noisy (my 970GTX will shut down the fans when not gaming. One of the 1660 reviews mentioned it doesn’t support that feature while the 2060 does).


Is there something driving your decision to update? It might be worthwhile to just skip this round.


The 1660 is basically a 1070 and the 2060 is basically a 1070ti. Both cards are reasonably priced, unlike the rest of this generation.

Fan spindown depends on the AIB partners, I’m sure some will do that.


The 970 is starting to struggle at 1440p and I’d like to be able to play new games (eg Division2 when it launches) at 1440p at high settings.

Also I want something new and shiny.


Either GPU should be capable of 1440p at high settings.

Not ultra settings and 120+fps in the newest games, but high settings and around 60fps, yes.