When do the next generation GPUs drop?


I was theorizing that it would take similar GPU horsepower to drive a 1440p 21:9 monitor at 100 FPS as it would for a 4K 16:9 monitor at 60 FPS.

FWIW I’m running 3440x1440 on a 1070ti that I picked up cheap back on Black Friday. I wasn’t aiming for 100FPS at max settings. Just wanted something that would last for a couple of years, and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.


Hey Me too!

Yeah I am passing on this new gen. It’s ridiculous. I can wait a year or two for them to become reasonable again.


February’s STEAM hardware survey is up, big uptick in older 10 series mid range cards.



Yup, that’s my assumption too.

3440 x 1440 x 100 = 495,360,000 pixels/second
3840 x 2160 x 60 = 497,664,000 pixels/second

I’m sure there’s more going on there so the comparison isn’t quite that simple, but it seems like a reasonable first approximation.


Now that I think about it, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen ultrawide benchmarks. Maybe the graphics card review industry came to the same conclusion.


My 1080ti was getting 50-75 fps in The Division 2 at 1440p.


Woof, the adoption of the 20 series is rough. I have the most popular GPU yay!


The 2060 isn’t even on the chart yet as it released in January. That’s Nvidia’s first remotely mainstream priced card.

Nvidia just added another game to the 2080/2080ti bundles, effectively dropping their prices by fifty bucks (but not really). Clearly they are having difficulties.



I have a 2060 (mobile)! There are dozens of us!


I suspect Nvidia sold a bunch of 2060s, as it’s their first reasonable price/performance product in this generation.


Well only if you ignore the fact that the 1060 could be picked up for under 200 not under 300. Remember the days when MSRP was considered a good deal?.. we’re not there right now.


I didn’t say it was a better price/performance product than the 1060, just that it’s their first reasonable one.



But if you have the last gen cards there’s not much compelling you to move forward at all due t the price problems. Last I checked the 2060 is more on par with the 1070 / 1070 ti right, but for them to move forward they would actually want the 2070. So that leaves the 1060 and the people who just need a card right now but can’t get a hold of the older and better price for performance cards.

I mean it’s not terrible. Is it reasonable, I suppose but only because we get to compare it to the others. If they were all reasonable to begin with, I think there would be questions about the pricing of even the 2060.


Typically they don’t really try to be attractive upgrades to owners of the previous generation. If you owned a 970, the 1070 wasn’t particularly sexy either. Good performance gain, but nothing earthshattering. But if you were rocking a 770, it was amazing.

The 20-series at launch was unique in that it offered essentially the same performance as the previous generation, no real improvement at all, and cost more. That’s why the 2070, 2080, and 2080ti are all terrible products.

But then Nvidia made a course correction. The 2060 performs like a 1070ti, but it costs less than any 1070ti you could ever buy, so it’s actually a decent deal.

And the 1660 runs like a 1070 but costs dramatically less than even the most heavily-discounted (new) 1070, making it a downright great deal. The 1660 is what we used to expect from a new generation. It’s what the 2060 should have been.


It’s not whether or not it’s worthwhile for most people. Its whether or not you could buy the same tier card and get an improvement for around the same price, and you could.

Which is what you actually say here; there’s no real improvement.

Sure but it doesn’t cost less than the 1060.

So it should be somethin glike

1060 :> 2060
1070 > 2070


So they gave a great performance improvement and removed functionality that they are selling with the 2x series but not we don’t have a sub 200 card at all.

A new 1070ti was 350 around the holidays, easily found, and a free game.


Slightly different topic, but has anyone ever had a port go bad on a monitor? At first I was wondering if I’d damaged the displayport port somehow, but the hdmi port I’m now using has been a little flaky as well. Double checked the cable and GPU by plugging them into my 1440p.

Edit: and solved by completely pulling power to the monitor.


On the monitor itself no, just a bad cord and a bad port on one card.


I don’t know why people would think 2060 is reasonably good. Going forward, 6gb of VRAM in 2060 is not gonna cut it. Ghost Recon Wildlands, the most graphically intensive game on the market right now, uses ~5gb VRAM on ultra already, on 1080p. From what I can see, only 2070 upwards will be future proofed (for at least a while).


For the performance the 2060 actually offers, 6GB of VRAM is fine. Will there ever be a game that uses >6GB of VRAM at 1080p or 1440p? Certainly. But it’s a reasonable amount for that particular GPU.


I’ve a 2080 Ti. There are, apparently, NOT dozens of us.