When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Yep. As I understand it, first-gen VR games don’t offer many quality settings to take advantage of cards faster than a 970/390x. But next-gen VR will be much higher resolution (because the advantages are so obvious), and next-gen VR games will scale both up [I]and[/I] down. That horsepower won’t be wasted in a year or so.


I am wondering how they are going to handle that. Fiddling with that stuff in VR is very rough on the body. I know this from personal experience with The Gallery : Starseed whatever.

I am thinking if they want to give the user flexibility like that then they really need to provide some type of benchmark that emulates the target rez on a monitor.


I have a coworker who has upgraded to HD7970-CrossFire, then GTX780-SLI then 980ti that I always buy his old cards from. I’m hoping he upgrades again this or next year so I can benefit from his castoffs but it looks like we’re both becoming fatigued of the hardware upgrade cycle. We both have huge backlogs of indie and AAA games that 99% of don’t require heavy GPU lifting…


Unless he has a 4k monitor, pretty unlikely he’ll see the need to immediately upgrade from a 980ti.


Awwww yeah BF5 and nvidia 1080. Kind of a confusing name, given 1080p and all that.

I wonder if this will be Frostbite 4?


Monitor and case arrived today. Everything else except the keyboard arrives tomorrow. It feels a bit wrong that the 1st thing I did on the 1440p monitor was open up three terminals with emacs, irc, and mutt. With the monitor being swivel I can probably fit a lot of code on 1 screen. Jumping to 4k eventually will be even more fun.

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Who is your carrier? I can’t believe you get signal all the way in Betelgeuse, that’s pretty impressive! :)


That’s in Turkey, right?


$540 for a 980 Ti at Newegg…


Leaked 1070 benches equal the 980ti, and it will retail for anywhere between $329 and $500. We’ll know at 9PM ET tonight, when NVIDIA paper-launches Pascal.


I’m really hoping they keep similar price structures as previous generations. Once a 1070 cracks $350 I lose interest fast.


stusser, you have a link for this? I have a friend who’s ravenous for this info right now.


9PM on a Friday. Nice timing.


Event tonight!


Rumor is the 1080 as above with GDDR5x, the 1070 with GDDR5, and then later on a cut-down GP104 SKU with GDDR5, probably the 1060ti. Prices range from $850(!) to $500 for the 1080, and from $500 to $329 for the 1070. But all just rumors for another 4 hours.

My personal feeling is that NV will price these cards higher than previous generations, because AMD has nothing at this performance level until Vega and HBM2 in 2017. No competition equals higher prices. I betcha we see $449/1070 and $649/1080.

@arrendek: Yes, that’s what I was talking about, 9PM ET tonight.


Thanks, I saw this, but videocardz.com just hasn’t passed muster for me in recent history so I just ignored it. I was hoping there was a better source. :)

I’m hoping nvidia does better than these benchmarks actually. I’m thinking you’re right about nvidia pricing until AMD comes out with something that competes, but I think AMD will do that with GDDR5 this summer and drive down prices then (maybe June?). If AMD sits on their hands for the next 6 months, they are good and truly losing their cred.


My feeling is those benches are dead on. The 1080 will beat the 980ti by 20-30%, and the 1070 will essentially equal the 980ti (for a lot less money). I’m satisfied with that, if not amazed. Remember the 980ti is a very expensive huge chip. The 1080 replaces the 980, not the 980ti. The 1080ti will be along next year to compete with AMD’s Vega, with HBM2.

All info and remotely substantiated rumors so far point to AMD’s Polaris 10 as offering R9-390/GTX970-class performance at much higher power efficiency. They aren’t high-end parts, but they should be quite inexpensive and they should [I]smoke[/I] 1080p games. And be VR capable, to boot.


Well Battlefield 1 looks like a WW1 horses-and-bolt-action-rifles trench war disaster, so fuck that.

Still interested in the 1080 card though! Just equal to 980ti isn’t very exciting, though, so I guess there will be a 1080ti later? But if it is merely equal in non-ti version, would a 1080ti be meaningfully faster than a 980ti?

I guess “meaningfully” as defined 20% faster.


Aha almost 9k on FireStrike Extreme with the 1080

Looks like a 980ti does ~ 7500

So that does qualify for 20% faster.


Right, the 10[B]7[/B]0 is equal to a 980ti, the 10[B]8[/B]0 is faster. Or so the rumors say-- the NV event is starting in 3 minutes.