When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Thanks again, sorry to bother you. I understand that your esthetics are not mine. I actually considered a desktop system. But I’ve gotten used to spending time with the wife while gaming. My present “setup” is a laptop on a shaky foldable TV table in the living room. A desktop would be in my office in the back of the house.

As far as looks are concerned I don’t mind laptops in the brutalist fashion. My present lappy is an ASUS ROG and I am fully aware of the function key deal. After a few years I almost don’t notice it. Almost. Until I’m in a game and want to change the brightness or volume, and the F keys are going to cause something to happen regardless.


You might love it – and Amazon has a great return policy. Worth a shot.


Wow Michael thanks for that feedback. If you scroll up you can see I was considering that. I’m still waiting for MSI to ship this ugly beast I’ll hide underneath my desk. I’ve decided I really don’t need a laptop but a SFF would be handy for VR demos on short trips.


I’m pretty sure that’s the helmet of some Storm Trooper replacement of the future I haven’t seen in the movies yet. Look we even got a bit of his shoulders in the portrait there.


Yeah I hate the look but don’t care. It’s going under a big ass desk


I do wonder why all of these otherwise quite nice PCs are shoved into hideous cases, forcing us to hide them under desks and the like. I always try to get the plainest black metal case I can, whether building or buying, but apparently there is actually a market for fugly cases.


Rumors are that the Nvidia 1080ti will be released Q1 2017. Looks to be as fast as the latest Titan but should retail at a lot less. The new AMD cards will be out at a similar time and might actually challenge Nvidia for once. Exciting times.


The real wait is now for a card that can do 4k 60fps with high/ultra settings on games that is reasonably priced (< $500). Maybe next summer…


CX750M blew up after 24 hours. Smoke and all. Glad I bought locally it at BestBuy. Also glad it was modular as I didn’t have to disconnect everything.


Have you recently refused to help any aged Romani women, or reneged on a deal with a red-skinned, horned man?


You didn’t reuse your modular cables from your old power supply (the generic-ish 700W one), right?


Unrelated, but I ordered a case fan today. Kind of cool, because, aside from the GPU, it is the first thing I’ve replaced in the computer I built 4 1/2 years ago.


No, it wasn’t modular, it was a cheapo.

I must have angered someone because now I seem to be having heat issue. Why am I having heating issues today, but not yesterday (it’s a littler cooler today)?

Maybe it wasn’t heat, I don’t know. GPU got to 87C. Don’t systems typically BSOD when they overheat? WoW hung, and explorer became unresponsive to the point where I had to hit the reset, even though some other apps worked fine and the system tried to shut down when I told it to.

The fans that came with the system were cheap and grindy and I disconnected them, relying on the PS fan and the CPU cooler. It was good enough for 4.5 years, but it looks like the 1080 might be changing all the rules.

Lacking good options, I ordered dis - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0032UUGF4/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Should I drill holes in my LCD, er, top of the case for venting? My Sphynx would enjoy it, at least.


Got it, fans at the top blow out, fans at the bottom suck in. I ordered a new case fan, too. Sucker better not grind.

No drilling. :)


So it comes with either 32GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD or 64GB and a 512GB SSD. I want the larger SSD but it only comes with the added RAM. What would I ever need 64GB of RAM for? I’m not rendering 3D or compiling huge programs. Is it just wasted on gaming?


Yep, 64 is overkill. I’d go for 32 and upgrade the SSD yourself. Make sure Amazon is the seller.


Now that I think of it, a 32GB RAM disk might be interesting. :)

But that is a good point. With the money saved I could get a 1TB SSD and still have cash left over. Good call. I already have it in my Amazon cart.


Wait, your case has cooling fans that you’re not using? Why not just order some decent replacement fans?


I had the same exact power supply and it blew up in a matter of weeks and leaked some stinky brown oil all over my floor.

Even posted this thread about it: Power Supply Leaked and died

I assumed it was third world power infrastructure (or lack there of). Remind me to not buy anything from corsair again.


Well, the windows 10 BSOD is short, and the default is to auto restart.

So, yeah, you may have missed it. But often times when overheating, the system will just cut power for safety, not giving you a BSOD, just a “unexpected shutdown” error.

87 is hot, but not enough to cause shutdowns. You can run in the mid nineties and not get shutdowns (I know, my old 670 could get there).

Do you have a new video card?