When do the next generation GPUs drop?


I’ve been leaning towards the X480. What lures you to the 1060?


I got a 6gb 1060, because I think I just like Nvidia’s driver support so much more. It feels like they are much quicker with updates, and the RX480 is just a dab slower and I was able to get a 1060 for less than 50 dollars more than a 4gb RX480. Plus, with my heating/cooling setup, a blower style card makes more sense, and I was able to find an ASUS one I liked for the 1060.

That is really it, they are basically the same, RX480 is a bit cheaper, and a bit less powerful, and that is about it. I am sure they are good cards. It really comes down to vendor preference, and availability. I kind of had a hard time finding an RX480 that I wanted from XFX or Sapphire that was the 4gb version. They seemed to be pushing the 8GB card hard, and the extra VRAM isn’t worth the 50 dollar jump in price.

There are some killer deals to be had, however.

RX 480 4GB (MSI) 225$ (Great deal)

The 1060 I got ASUS Turbo 6GB 260$ (Also not bad)


Thanks for your reply.

I haven’t pulled the trigger yet since the only game I really have in the library now that could use the boost i ARK, but my legacy card is likely going to refuse to do a newer game soon I’m sure. I don’t really have a brand preference, but Nvidia tends to to draw less power. The only hard downside I know for the 1060 is lack of SLI.


Thanks for the quick replies.


Caved on a Gigabyte G1 GTX 1080 for Battlefield 1, this is turning out to be the most expensive video game ever. (4k screen, and mechanical keyboard already) :p

It will be here Wednesday!


You sure your CPU is up to snuff? ;)



My OC’ed 2600k still does the needful just fine. The best CPU purchase of all time!


I just upgraded my 2600k to a 6700k skylake. Not really worth it from a performance standpoint, though the motherboard solved a few issues with various peripherals and VR.

CPU development for the past 5-10 years has been rather depressing.


My wife wanted a new laptop. I started looking at something fairly modest which would do what she wanted. Nuh uh. She wants a gaming laptop with a nice screen! So she now has this on order:

It’s a 15.6" 1080p matte IPS screen, GTX 1060, i7-6700HQ, 16GB RAM, 240Gb SSD, 500Gb HD etc. Metabox are an Australian company using Clevo shells and building their own configs into that, getting good reviews so we’ll see how it fares. If it’s good, I know what’s on my Christmas list, assuming I can eke a few more months out of my 4-year old mid-range Lenovo.


What’s the deal with RGB these days? Even my new mouse has the disease.


People love the colors, my new keyboard is RGB also, I mostly set it to white or red though.

But if friends or company comes over, its rainbowing to maximum.


Yeah, I don’t mind the RGB because you can just set it to whatever colour you think looks most tasteful and leave the rainbows off. Looks terrible in the marketing photos though.



My 2600k @ 4.5ghz is still a beast of a cpu. Passing 5 years now and I am amazed at how capable it is. I bought a 1080 earlier in the year and there is simply nothing this combo can’t handle. I play everything at 1440p fully maxed out.


Just to show how depressing CPU development is. I bought my Core i3-2120 in October of 2011, for about $110. At the time I was doing a full system build and thought I’d upgrade to a late-stock i7 in a year or two. It has two cores and four threads. It’s now been five years and it also plays everything great, also at 1440p.


That Moore fella is a sumbitch.


I’ve got an i5-4670, and though it seems generally fine I have felt like it’s bottle-necking in certain games. Arma, DCS, The Crew, X Rebirth, maybe even Elite Dangerous.

I wish something decisively good would emerge, otherwise I may be forced to consider an i7-6700, though I’m not sure it would make a lot of difference.


Maybe, but The Crew is 92% as fast on an i3 as an i7. http://www.techspot.com/review/925-the-crew-benchmarks/page4.html lot of money for little gain.


Is that the right way to test CPU? I figured you’d unlock frames and minimize GPU by using low res, min settings. They’re testing on a 980 at Ultra, 2560x1600.

we realize we are testing these CPUs with a GPU bottleneck


Well, yes, but we’re not going to play with low res min settings are we…


Maybe… on The Crew I might as well be, given my GPU is barely breaking a sweat. ;) Dependent on the game, I’ll crank settings down to some degree to hit as high frame rates as I can.

But anyway, if the point is to test the CPU then you need to get rid of the GPU from the equation - people have all sorts of different GPUs after all.