When do the next generation GPUs drop?


The 1070 would be a significant upgrade, the 1060 wouldn’t. If you have a 1080p monitor there’s no compelling reason to upgrade from a 970.


Yeah, I have a 24" Samsung at 1900x1080. I haven’t had any GPU related issues I can think of. I do think perhaps my CPU is starting to get long in the tooth.


Not for gaming, nope. No reason to upgrade either GPU or CPU.


Cool. I hadn’t really noticed much difference, but like a lot of folks here, having gone through the days of upgrading yearly sometimes to keep up with developments, the past few years have been weirdly wonderful, in that a machine you buy or build can last for, well, years.


I have the same CPU you do. I haven’t had any problems so far where the CPU is the main factor. The only reason I am upgrading my GPU is the card fell into legacy status, and I just can’t drivers for it anymore. My guess is I will build my new system when my CPU can’t cut it anymore or something major in this one finally dies.


Yeah, I’m thinking that at this point sheer physical/heat degradation will drive me to upgrade before performance issues do.


If you feel you need excuse, that’s a fine one ;-). My guess I will pull the trigger as soon as some great deal on a mobo or a CPU emerges.


I don’t want to spend the money and time building a machine if I don’t have to. My Windows license came from an old Win 7 OEM that upgraded to Win 10, and I’m pretty sure it would not migrate to another machine. That’s another hundred there. There’s literally nothing I’m using my machine for that a faster set up would make any better, really. But of course, I like upgraded hardware just for its own sake, sure…


I like having my desktop as the beast machine, the most powerful computer in the house. Right now, that is no longer the case. I feel what you mean.


What if you game on 1080p but also might be interested in VR in the near future?


1060 is fine for “near future” VR. The minimum spec, which is also really the recommended spec, is a 970, and the 1060 is essentially 970 performance.

Of course next-generation VR will need more juice, but those products aren’t even announced yet.


Here they come!


At $379 (retail), the prices still have a way to go, but it’s a start.


Sweet! Powercolor! So, the PSU in this will fail, and then when you try to RMA it, they will say, we don’t have that part anymore! Here is a different part altogether! And when that one fails they will say, we can’t accept a return on that, it isn’t the original part.


I sure hope that the non-Powercolor GPU manufacturers are paying you for your relentless crusade against PC, Jon ;)



Seriously ruined an entire year of PC gaming for me.

Should have just said fuck it and bought a new video card.


Yep, eGPU prices are dropping fast. Razer was first at $499, now we’re at $379. “Right price” for mass adoption is probably around $300.

Macbook Pros being announced this week will have TB3 too, and rumors are that Apple will release a new 5k monitor with an integrated GPU. It took a full year more than I hoped, but external GPUs are on the cusp of becoming mainstream.


$300 ain’t much less (maybe not any less) than you can build the non-GPU parts of a desktop for. I can’t see how that works, unless your definition of “mass adoption” is rather different than mine.


The target audience for external GPU enclosures with double-width PCI-e slots like the Razer Core is hardcore PC gamers who also own thin/light modern laptops. Those people have tons of money and want an uncompromised experience.

There will also be little TB3 docks with integrated socketed eGPUs like the 1050, 1050ti, and 1060. Those will be cheaper. Expect them to start around $250 ready to rock, including the GPU.


I bought the razed core because I had 100 bucks off from a razed blade I returned. Still unopened because it’s stateside and I’m still in the toilet bowl of the world, but I’m deciding what card to put in it for the 2-3 months in the year I’m there.

Do I bring the 970 that’s in this PC back and put it in there and buy a 1070 for this one or do I just buy a 480 or 1060 and put it in there. I game at 1080p, but want VR sometime in 2017.


Sorry for the tangent, but what do you do in Nigeria, @MattN? Are you there on a permanent basis or do you rotate stateside at times?

Feel free to ignore the question if it’s too much personal info or if you would have to kill me if you told me.