When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Hopefully competition gets the Razer enclosure’s price down too…


I’ll put my guess in for oil & gas industry. Nigeria is a top oil producer. I know some folks who have spent time over there.


Not to derail too much but my family has been here since the 30s. We mostly do construction and property development but my brother also brought over an American food franchise. And as J. Thomas said, we’ve recently had an opportunity fall into our lap to do some work in the oil sector.

So to answer your question, a little bit of everything. The problem is the economy is shit with inflation spiraling out of control.

The good thing about a family company is we get to take long vacations back to LA which is where the extended family is. So the core is for when I am back stateside and want to play some games. Beats maintaining two desktops.


It took me almost two hours to install this card. Granted, some of it was my fault… read most of it. The case was just… very dusty. I thought about bringing in my generator but it’s heavy and would probably give the oldest pet a heart attack so i picked up a can of air, spent 30 minutes blowing that out. Then the card wouldn’t post, so I spent at least 20 minutes uninstalling drivers. The card still wouldn’t post with the ever so helpful post code of 97… something wrong with the graphic card you say… really. So install the old one, and it’s fine. Then goes in the new one again, break a nail there trying to pull those stupid PCI-E power cords out.

Was just thinking about trying to replace the PSU with one of my backups when I realize just how old my BIOS is. I’ve always been a don’t fix it if it isn’t broke gals when it comes to updating the BIOS. And what do you know, one of them has VGA compatibility fix on it. Great… well at least my case and my desk hasn’t been cleaner in over year.


As someone who has updated a BIOS exactly once in 20 years of building home PCs (for an extremely similar reason, as I recall), I sympathize greatly! Glad you’re up and running though :-)


Haha. Anything that can brick you’re hardware, the BIOS, firmware… I tend to drag my feet on. Every once in awhile though I buy v1.0 hardware which pretty much guarantees a need to update.


I just picked up a 1070 and while it was (relatively) painless to install, its weight did scare me into laying my tower on its side, to avoid it just hanging off the PCIE slot.


Could that mess with air flow? In from the bottom and out the top goes hand in hand with heat rises.


Not much in it I wouldn’t think. Although the reports of EVGA 1070s catching fire did concern me a little :/


My 1070 is in a laptop so I don’t know about weight issues. Doesn’t the case have enough support? How much does the card actually weigh? The last card I installed in a case was a 780. It was pretty heavy but it had enough support where it clipped to the back of the case. As well, the slot was pretty solid on the mobo. Just curious.


Forced airflow on the scale of a PC fan renders convection currents effectively meaningless.


These video card are pretty beastly. These things just git wide and longer and more stuff on them. They tend to get in the way of other cords and cards too. I remember cutting into my Antec Solo card because my… i think it was an ATI, was maybe 1/4" too long for the hard drive cage. It was do that or buy a new case, and I was poor then!


I think my 1070 slimmed down from the 5770 I had before


Yeah. I’m just over cautious. I started building PCs around 1991. Back in the steel full tower case days. :) The fans were small and the options for placement were essentially in the back of the case. Sometimes the best cooling was an open case with a fan blowing into it.


[quote=“RichVR, post:1096, topic:78511, full:true”]Sometimes the best cooling was an open case with a fan blowing into it.

Haha, I remember doing that :-) much later on, though – overclocking something or other (maybe a P4).


Why? That’s what the bracket on the back of the card to screw against the case is for. No reason to be nervous.


Tolerances too poor. Not even close to lining up.


What case do you have? I’ve never seen a PCIe card that hangs and never seen one that didn’t line up with the slots in the back of the case. Basically the situation you’ve described has me convinced that you have the worst case in the world or you didn’t push it in hard enough to get it to set right.

Edit: Also it may be timely to note that most PCIe cards I’ve installed need quite a bit of force to seat correctly.


Interesting SFF option:


Yikes. EVGA 10-series users with ACX should definitely read this.