When do the next generation GPUs drop?


Saw this at VRDC. It’s nifty, though there are some questions about Zotac’s reliability in general it seems. Me, I’ve had a couple of their cards with no troubles.


Wow. They used to be my go to too. I would not settle for anything less than a refund for that. That puts the entire system at risk.


Hell, it sounds like it puts the entire house or condo building at risk. Bummer for EVGA; sounds like they’re moving fast to take care of people.


It really doesn’t. The power regulators approach but do not exceed temperature tolerances under extreme load, essentially benchmarking with furmark for several hours in such a way that would not happen in an actual game. One guy had a card catch fire; that doesn’t mean everybody’s at risk as the PWMs are technically within tolerances-- but only barely.

EVGA released a BIOS update to address the issue (making the fan roughly twice as loud, but it was inaudible before so that’s not as bad as it first sounds) is sending out thermal pad kits free of charge, and if you aren’t comfortable applying the pads will cross-ship replacement cards so you aren’t without a GPU.

The problem is those stupid backplates. They serve no purpose beyond looking cool. One very easy way to fix this problem is to simply remove the backplate.


So, this doesn’t affect FE cards, right?


That’s right, you’re safe.


Can I just note that the search function on Discourse sucks?

I’m trying to do research on 1070s, but when I try to search for 1070 in this thread, it says my search query is not long enough.


As much as I’ve come around to really appreciate 95% of what Discourse does, I’m with you here.

I’ll still take it over any other forum software I’ve used - I really do like it, especially the excellent mobile UX - but yeah, the search is balls.


Now search lets me search for 1070. I have no idea what’s going on with this thing.


I forgot to mention… whoever decided a GPU change is a “major” hardware change at MS needs to be smacked. My software required re-activation after that upgrade. Thankfully the online process worked but wth.


Thunderbolt 3 GPU enclosures now down to $299. Getting closer…



Yep covered in another thread-- main problem with that one is it doesn’t come with any USB ports, audio, or ethernet. I want to take my laptop home and plug in ONE CABLE and be done.

In truth, there’s got to be a huge profit margin on these things. You can buy a case and 400w PSU for $65-- so the thunderbolt to pci-e slot costs another $235? Not even close. Once the chinese get ramped up these will be cheap.


So its black friday time. What am I doing guys? 1070? Seems overkill for 1080p but I want to dive into VR in the next year. Do I just buy a holdover 480/1060 for this year and buy the new hotness when its time to make the vr jump?


I grabbed a 1070 a month ago. So far, clicker heroes runs perfectly in 1080p. I’m sure I’ll have time to play Witcher 3 at some point during December tho, so then it will have “paid off” in terms of fluid fps.


If you’re just running 1080p and VR, you can get a RX-480 or 6GB GTX1060 and hold off until you buy that sexy 4k monitor in a year or two.


Yeah, but why buy two video cards if he can get a 1070 now?

Also, let’s not forget non-optimized games. I know you are a big fan of going with the bare minimum card to run things at 1080p, but recently I was getting a consistent 60fps with Dishonored 2 using my 1080p @1440p, and if I’d only had a 1070 I’m sure I could have pulled that off. I shouldn’t have needed a 1080 to do that, but since I had one, it was no worries, which is every my goal.


Dishonored 2 was supposedly just fixed. But yeah, of course a 1070 would be better if he can afford it. Hell, a Titan XP would be better yet. Or two of them in SLI.


This is (somewhat) true, some folks are saying it’s not fixed enough. In any case, the 1.2 patch only dropped in beta form today, but thanks to my 1080 GTX I’ve been playing it on Ultra since launch day.


Yep my 1080 had no problems at launch either.


If you can’t wait, Newegg has the Sapphire Nitro R9 Fury for $259 (with a $20 mail-in rebate to knock it down to $239). and free shipping.

That’s a ridiculous price for a card that is close to a GTX 980Ti in performance. Keep in mind, this is a big-ass card.