When do the next generation GPUs drop?


While Nvidia’s professional Quadro cards would perform better in these tests than the Titan Xp, the professional equivalent to the Titan Xp is the Quadro P6000, which sells for nearly $6,000. AMD’s Frontier Edition is much less expensive—the air-cooled model will sell for $1,200, while a liquid-cooled variant will go for around $1,800.

What a bargain! :)


Competition is good! Wake me up when there are consumer releases though…


Does nvidia consider the Titan XP a consumer release?

FWIW, I’m in the same boat, but since we’re still in the middle of a remodel, my gaming rig has been mostly mothballed while we’re living at my mother-in-law’s and I’m stuck with laptop games on an Intel HD card…


Something, something Federal Reserve. [muffled laughter]

I don’t know whether it’s good or bad that bitcoin mining is driving up prices. Maybe it means manufacturers will continue to develop awesome videocards, if that wasn’t already going to happen.


Guess I’ll have to eat some crow on that claim, unless something miraculous happens between now and the release of the consumer edition. The gaming benchmarks are miserable. Out of six games, Vega FE lost to 1070 once and tied it twice. It was consistently slower than 1080.


Yeah, once they announced that they’d be releasing a watercooled version, much like the Fury X, it was very clear they didn’t hit their performance targets.

I do like the cosmetics of the physical card itself, though. Very attractive indeed.


I don’t know why you’re putting any stock in these early bullshit benchmarks. Wait for the single CUDA core results. These 4096 core benchmarks mean nothing.


Keep that plate handy, the iPhone 8 (A11) release is imminent as well… 😆


Oh it may well be a great CUDA card. It just isn’t competitive for gaming.


I have to work on my parody act :(


Terrible news for AMD. Ryzen is solid but if they are going to lose the other half of their business if this thing is as terrible as it seems.


Oh that was a qualcomm/wumpus dig. Went right over my head!


I miss when gpus could be actually gotten around msrp. Now it seems like most releases suffer from a type of scalper syndrome and it’s annoying as hell.

The days of great but not “money I can toss in the toilet for Internet penis points” level of gpu being under $300 seem long gone.


Fuck Etherium miners and all other digital currency bullshit.

You can’t find a 1060 6GB in stock anywhere online at anything less than insane prices, and even the local Microcenter wants $330 for the MSI Gaming X 6GB 1060 on the shelf. That same card was selling for $100 LESS (after $20 rebate) 6 months ago.

At what point will the unavailability of reasonably priced video cards start to impact the gaming industry? If I can’t upgrade, I can’t play recent titles, and thus will refuse to buy them.


Same here in Malaysia. I went door to door in the mall and the retailer refused to sell them. They will only sell if the customer buy a complete new rig. Wtf!

And so, a friend want to sell me his used 2013 GTX Titan which has 6GB DDR. I might just bite seeing how rare the stocks is.


I see one on Amazon for 273. Have to have prime, though. How big is the gap from 1050ti? Those are much less. Actually, it says that card is in stock on the 12th


Quoted here for emphasis. What! The! Hell!! I don’t upgrade my PC very often and now that I’m trying to… the market is crazy.

That said, I think I could see my existing card for decent $$$ and then buy something new, but I’d have to FIND the right card in stock. Grrr…


Think of the 1050ti as a GTX960; a very capable 1080p gaming card but not fast enough to run everything balls to the wall maxed out. The 1060 is a GTX970, and that will handle 1080p ultra quality at >60fps or 1440p at high quality and playable framerates.


So I should be Etherium mining with my laptop based 1060?


Hopefully AMD and Nvidia will pursue a separate product line that caters more to those folks and they’ll gravitate towards that.